Get Connected on Google Plus: Spring Fling Day 4

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It’s Day 4 of our Spring Fling event and we’re back today ready to focus on another social media platform: Google Plus.

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Getting Connected on Google Plus

We know, we know. Google+, it’s just another place to be interacting. Another item to add to an already very full social media to do list. We feel the s-t-r-e-t-c-h just as much as you do.

BUT, here is kicker: Yes, Google+ is another social media platform, BUT you need to get yourself an account if you want to stay up to date with best SEO practices. It is just that simple.

That’s why we published why you need to be Google Plus yesterday in our Blog Tips channel today. It is explaining everything you need to know a about Google+ and how you can get started.

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Today’s Task

We’re doing a Google Plus link up in the comments. Here’s what you need to do to get involved:

(1) Leave a comment with a link to your Google Plus account.  {It could be your personal and/or your blog page.}

(2) Here’s where we get more technical: Let us know which circle you want to be in.

  • The great thing about Google+ is it works by putting authors into categories, thereby confirming with search engines which type of blogger you are.
  • If you write about Crafts, Food, DIY, Party Planning, Homeschooling, whatever, you need to tell us.  This way we can put you in the correct circle.

(3) Circle at least two people in front of you in the comments who are playing along.  This helps all of us to increase our Google page rank on the topics we want to be found for.

It’s a brave new world in search engine land and we want you to be ready.

Spring Fling Recap

Just joining us for Spring Fling? Here is a rundown on what you’ve missed:

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