30 Day Challenge: All We Need Is Love

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All We Need is Love

It’s what makes the world go round.

And for the month of February, we’re inviting you to join us in a 30 day challenge to improve the relationships in our lives with those that we love most.

SITS is an amazing community, filled with bloggers looking to find their tribe, connect with other women, and learn about social media.  But we’re more than that too.  Each of us plays a number of roles simultaneously every day…that of a mother, a wife, a friend.  In wearing these many hats, and moving through life at warp speed, it’s easy for life’s special events to blur together.

That’s why, in honor of the month of love, we are going to exhale and encourage you to do the same.  For four weeks, we’ll be getting back to our real priorities in life: being true to ourself, remembering the girl our significant other fell in love with, being the mother that we want to be, and maintaining the friendships that are important to us.

All We Need is Love

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Starting Monday, February 7, we encourage you to join us as we do something daily to improve the relationships in our lives.  Last summer, we spent 31 days improving our blogs.  That was a fun and fantastic thing.  What we’re doing now is taking that concept, applying it to who we are as women, and hopefully becoming better people because of it.

During the event we’ll be posting a “challenge” each day in our forum.  The beauty is that it will be something fun, easy, and, most importantly, off of the computer.  {Gasp!}

What we’ll be working on a makeover for your inner self…

Week 1: February 7 – 11

We will concentrate on ourselves. Oprah has spent years encouraging women to take time for themselves and darn it, it’s about time we did. If pampering yourself just a little each day will bring you to a place that will allow you to work on other relationships with a clear mind, then it’s definitely something we should be doing!

Week 2: February 14 – 18

We will focus on our relationship with our significant other.  What can we do to be a better partner, girlfriend or wife?  How do we get back to the girl your special someone fell in love with?  It’s easy to become complacent in a relationship and expect your significant other to fill in.  That’s why we’ll be making mindful decisions each day to show our partners we appreciate them with even the smallest of thoughtful gestures.

Week 3: February 21 – 25

Our attention will be on our kids…whether that be your furry friends or your own little human monkeys, we will spend the week thinking about things we can do to be better caretakers to them. Maybe that means making a point to get outside for fresh air together or taking the time to cuddle on the couch for a movie.  Whatever it is, we’ll inspire each other with ideas on how we can help our loved ones feel more special than they already are.

Week 4: February 28 – March 4

This will be our wrap-up week when we think about our friends, old and new. Friends can hold such a special place in our lives, but are usually the first to be overlooked due to the demands at home.  What if you made an effort each day to let a friend know you’re thinking of her (or him)?  During this week, we’re going to work on just that.  We believe strong friendships make us happier people, and that when we’re happy, we’re better at all of the roles in our lives.

All of the discussions, daily tasks, and live chats are optional.  Pop in and out, work through every single day of the event, or even choose a week or two that best works with your schedule.  Ultimately, we’re hoping the Love Is All We Need challenge will help us feel better connected with those we love most.

So join us!  Register your account in the forum today.  Once you do, introduce yourself and let us know you’ll be participating in the All We Need is Love discussion group.

Let’s get ready to do this!

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