#SITSClass: Where Is Your Blog Going?

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Here we are at Day 7 of our first week of blogging series from Problogger. Today we are going to take a step back and look at everything that we have learned in the past week and think about where we would like to take our blogs.

Review Your Blog’s Direction

What are you looking to do with your blog? What are your short and long term goals? Hopefully actually finishing up the Guide To Your First Week of Blogging class from Problogger should have knocked a few things off that list! So now which direction are you headed?

The path for your blog will be determined by the goals that you have set and the content that you have written. These factors will be influenced by and must align with you audience’s needs and desires.

In working through our Problogger class together, perhaps you have discovered that there are some gaps or differences between what you had initially had in mind for your blog and what your audience is asking for. Try and remember that there is not a “right” answer when it comes to blogging and that it is going to take time to build your site. Ultimately, you’ll find your path with your blog through trial and error.

And as you go along, don’t be afraid to try out new ideas and see how your audience reacts. The great thing about social media is that it doesn’t take long to understand whether your content resonates with readers.

direction for your blog

Your Publishing Plan

Take some time to review the publishing plan you have in place and think about your content scheduling decisions in terms of the following questions:

  • What is the audience’s demand for this information?
  • What is the availability of similar information on other sites?
  • Are there competing audience demands for content on other topics?
  • What is your chosen posting rhythm?
  • What is the topic frequency that your blog’s direction dictates you follow: weekly or monthly?
  • How much time and research will go into your posts?
  • What is your schedule like and when will you fill in time to create new material?

We’ve had a great week! Thanks for joining us.

Now let’s sit back and review all that we have learned:

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  • Funny, this is something that I’m working on right now. I’ve recently started a 2nd blog sharing tips on blogging and I’m collaborating with other bloggers on my photography blog. But where am I going? I kept thinking that I wanted to take it full time, but now I just want to relax into it and have some fun.

    I’m still going to apply for an LLC (BBC tip) and treat it as a business, but where I’ll be in a year will be a wonderful surprise for me.

  • Colleeng says:

    I’m in the process of making over my blog so I thought this challenge came at a good time. I want my blog to be a place where people like to hang out and chat and recommend things to each other. I’d also like it to be somewhere people look forward to checking in with each day. My ultimate goal is to post each day, but that has proven to be impossible. Each new month it’s my goal!

  • Kelly says:

    This info is quite timely for me. I am considering many changes to my blog and I have a lot to think about. It’s amazing to me how after a year, my blog desires and enjoyment have changed. I set out to do one thing and found out (early on) that wasn’t fun for me to blog about. Since then, I’ve been blogging what I enjoy but its time to make some permanent changes – or shall I call them upgrades?! Now, I am looking to rename and rebrand my blog. Thanks for the tips and thoughts on the topic!

    • PatriciaD says:

      I really need to spend some time thinking about this seriously. I enjoy my blog, writing the lessons but I don’t feel it’s growing as fast as I would think it should.

  • Charlotte says:

    This is great food for though, especially since I’ve been struggling with the very same question myself the last few weeks. It seems my blog has gone in an entirely different direction than the one I had originally intended for it. I still hope to keep my readers, but want them to understand that I can’t always divulge the most personal content on my blog either (which was what I had been doing in the past).

    In any event, I appreciate this series very much–as always, keep up the great work!

  • This is a great series. Thank you!

  • The part I’ve always struggled with is how you’re supposed to move your blog forward when so many of these guides say your blog should help solve a problem. I write my own personal thoughts and view on life. I don’t write how-tos, I don’t write anything that involves educating or solving a problem. How do you engage your readers when you’re writing more about your thoughts on the world around you as opposed to solving a problem?

    • Yes, exactly! I enjoy reading all the useful information on SITS and have learned a lot here, but am very unsure about how or whether to take my blog “forward” or “to the next level” or whatever. Like you, my blog is about my thoughts and what I’m up, it doesn’t meet, I don’t think, a specific need. And I think my audience comes from shared interests more than anything else.

  • LBDDiaries says:

    I have to play catch up on “school work” but I do see that “there are some gaps or differences between what I had initially had in mind for my blog and what my audience is asking for.” It surprised me because my blog started out one direction way back when but people didn’t respond until I totally changed directions! Funny thing is, the answer to your question lies in the changes I made and the reason I started blogging in 2006 – so maybe I wandered away – need to go read the other training posts and pull myself together (smile)!

  • I have a lot of things I’d like to do with my blog. The main 1 is a blog make-over. I have a lot of ideas. Just haven’t had much time lately to get to any of the stuff that I want to do. I’d love to think of something that no one else has done before.

  • This is a good question that I am currently asking myself as I prepare to make a few updates. I appreciate the questions that you have listed to help me pull things back into the greater vision.

    • Veronica says:

      I’ve been contemplating this for a few weeks now.

      Today I’m organizing my categories, and working on making sure my blog meets a few requirements.

      For me I want to blog like this:


      Today I just started up something that I would love to invite others to join as well.

      I’m calling it Stepping it Up Saturdays. It’s for those who are struggling with weight. You can see it on my latest post.