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Have YOU been Roll Calling?

By Sep 18, 2010May 16th, 2012365 Comments

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Wow.  What a week!  We love “Back to Blogging” and really enjoyed reading everyone’s posts!

We need to take care of some housekeeping:

Please make sure you are “rolling calling” by leaving a comment each time you visit SITS.

{For those of you who read SITS through a feed in your inbox, this especially applies to you!}

As we move through the line of Featured Bloggers, we are coming across a number of you who are not “roll calling” {commenting on our site}.  We need you to comment on the daily post and then visit the featured blogger and comment there.  Before we contact someone to be the Featured Blogger, we search your email address in our magic, behind the scenes land and your comments pop-up.- yes, we really do check!

No need to leave a long comment, if you just want to check in quickly. “Here” is enough- use your thoughtful comment on the featured blogger’s site!  Of course, we love corresponding with you- so thoughtful comments are always welcome!

If your turn comes up and you haven’t been commenting on a somewhat regular basis, {2 to 3xish/week} then we move on the the next person in line, so please be sure you are roll calling!  The bloggers we are at now for featuring submitted in March.  {Please don’t email us asking if you’ve been skipped, if we notice you were commenting lots at one time and then there was a break and you started back up, we count that as participation.}

Please also be sure to have your SITS button up!

If we featured everyone and anyone, without requiring participation, then everyone and anyone would submit and move on- we wouldn’t have any commentors… see how that works?

Now that we’ve taken care of business, let’s have some fun.

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And, as always, when you see this button:

Be sure to support your fellow SITStah & leave a comment!

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