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Firing Up The Forum With Great Discussions! May 17

By May 17, 20133 Comments

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Friday is here, and that means, hello to another forum roundup! (Also, hello almost-weekend!)


You asked, and we listened. You can now customize your signature in the Forum! Click on your profile, go to Signature settings, then go ahead and add your blog, and social media profiles to make it easier for fellow SITstahs to check you out.

Blogging can be overwhelming, and a huge learning curve. Having a blog buddy is a great help, so if you’re looking for one, or would like to be someone’s buddy, check out this thread.

Do you do reviews on your blog, and wondered about whether it helps with your traffic and engagement? See what your fellow bloggers are saying in this great discussion!

If you’re thinking about attending a blog conference this year, check out this thread to see what conferences are happening, when and where.

The forum is a great place to talk all things blogging, social media and writing, so if you have any questions, want to introduce yourself, and find other bloggers to follow, do jump in anytime. See you there!


  • Thanks for the encouragement. Lately I feel like keeping up w/ social media and all the blogs I follow has been a chore. Because of that I’ve become complacent. I’m going to try getting back into the grove by updating my profile and checking out what is going on in the forums.

  • patty says:

    so thankful for all the helpful info I get from here!

  • Kristen says:

    I really do think it’s great that you guys incorporated a signature line for us to use. Once again, and humungous THANKS for everything that you do!!