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Forum Roundup: July 28

By Jul 28, 20139 Comments

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Can you believe it’s already the last weekend in July?! This summer is simply zipping- which must mean we’re all doing something right. But before we trade our flip flops for apple-picking boots (y’all have those too, yes?), let’s check in with our always-seasonal forums!


TheMommyMess, inspired by one of our fabulous How-To posts, wonders what you could be doing to revamp your About Me page. Maybe do a little Midsummer cleaning? 

Is your About Me page reflecting the best you?

Got a Facebook fan page that needs zero help? Wow, sister, you rock. But in case you’re with the other 95% of us, Joyinthemidstof started a great discussion about how to increase your Facebook engagement.

What steps are you taking to grow your Facebook following?

And speaking of Facebook, AlisonSWLee brings up the matter of Facebook “friending” real life folks vs. blogtacular ones. What’s your hard n’ fast rule for online friends? Do they hafta know your maiden name, or are mutual bloggy interests enough?

What’s your Facebook “friending” style?

Make sure to join in the marvy discussions going on ’round the clock in our always-friendly forums! And have a wonderful rest of the weekend, gals…with every cross-section of friends imaginable.

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  • This is a good list of all the forums. I like them all. This is really good. I can now see any forum from right here on this list.

  • Michelle Lee says:

    I’ve been working on revamping my blog lately! I have been thinking I really do need a Facebook page for my blog, hmmm…something else I better get working on.

    Thank you for always guiding and helping us bloggers!

  • Ooh, glad I saw this! I didn’t catch the post on how to increase Facebook engagement, and I always have such low numbers actually ‘seeing’ each of my FB posts. It’s impressive if I get ‘100 people saw this post’, yet I have over 700 fans. It’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I love having this forum to answer all those head-scratching questions 🙂

  • Carli says:

    I’m checking out the Facebook discussions!

  • Ssmi says:

    Recently I noticed that my Facebook privacy settings were not as private as I thought and it made me feel uncomfortable. I really want to start a Facebook page for my blog but don’t really want to connect it to my private account. Is there a way I can do that?
    Do you feel that a Facebook page is significant to growing a blog?

    Thanks for the info & the past forums!

    • Alison says:

      You need a personal Facebook account to start a Facebook fan page, but it isn’t connected in the sense that your fans will see your personal profile – they won’t. Your personal profile and fan page are completely separate.

      And yes, a Facebook page is definitely a must to grow a blog! Bite the bullet. Do it. Good luck!

  • Rachel says:

    I’ve been learning a lot from your site. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  • LittleBird says:

    Thank you for this! I definitely need to work on my About Me. I just revamped my entire blog & I was saving that part for last. It’s on my list to get done this weekend and this is a reminder to make the time!