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More Blogger Versus WordPress Debate: Forum Roundup

By Apr 27, 2012 40 Comments

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This week, we shared why bloggers might want to consider switching from blogger to wordpress and how you can go about doing that. When we initially talked about blogging platforms in our forums, more of you weighed in on the wordpress side, though now some of you in blogger are sharing your opinions as well. In this week’s Forum Roudup, we’ll highlight some of the discussion.

The SITS Girls

In Defense of Blogger Blogs

Simoney from Great Fun for Kids says “Blogger has a few shortcomings. Like the rubbishy comment system, and the fact that there’s no plug-in for Com-Luv. BUT apart from that I have no problem with blogger at all!”

Mamajava weighs in with: “My current blogging level and personal finances dictate that whatever platform I choose, it needs to be free and easily customizable. WordPress didn’t fit that bill, so Blogger it is.”

I can relate to aturtleslife who admits “I’ve been with Blogger for the past 15 months or so and love it. I find it very intuitive which is a huge plus for this HTML-challenged mind of mine.”

Personally, I didn’t have many problems with Blogger except a few glitches here and there. And I was convinced you had to pay a ton and have extensive HTML knowledge to be on wordpress instead of looking into it. For those same reasons, I stuck with Blogger for a very long time with my personal blog. Though now that I’m on wordpress, I wouldn’t switch back, so I relate to this next group:

WordPress Fans

Amy from Counting My Kisses, who is one of our SITS Girls forum leads, shared “I also was really overwhelmed at this decision about a year ago when I was jumping into the blog world. I did a TON of research & decided that WordPress was the way to go, since it seemed like it was regarded as the “professional” route– and the thought of having to ever move from Blogger to WordPress made me want to run for the hills.”

Aramelle, from One Wheeler’s World, was never on blogger. “I’ve always been on a self-hosted WP blog. Admittedly, though, that is only because my husband (who is the techy one) set it up that way. My blog is just an extension of our family web site, so we owned that domain long before I was blogging. WP is the only platform I’ve ever used, but I really like it a lot.”

Which Blogging Platform Do You Use?

Weigh in in the forums!


  • Dez says:

    Blogger vs WordPress seems to be a common theme with me lately. I keep going back and forth trying to figure out which is best for me. When I first began blogging I went with Blogger, bc I’m honestly not the best when it comes to technical things with the web. It makes my head spin to think of HTML, coding and things like that haha The more I’m learning the more I want to make the switch to WP. Thanks for sharing!

  • I was forced to switch to WP after Google decided to sell my domain name. I had purchased my domain name through Google, they claimed I didn’t “pay” my renewal fee so they sold it. Nothing I could do, it was gone. I was lucky enough to transfer everything over to WP but had to start my readership brand new besides those I was able to tell on Twitter and FB. This also happened to another friend of mine. After Google screwed me, there was no way I would ever remain on their platform and let them have ownership of my content.

    I know it’s an investment and is scary to deal with that change but it’s worth it.

  • Tanya says:

    I think I’ll stick with blogger until I have more readers and have the money to switch. I would like to at some point though.

  • I’ve used blogger before but moved to wordpress and now a self hosted wordpress. I don’t seem to be having any problem. I love wordpress =)

  • I actually attempted to migrate to WordPress a few months ago. I even hired someone to help me and started the process. When I got to the step of picking out a WordPress theme I became totally overwhelmed. Nothing seemed to look like I wanted it too and there were so many themes to choose from. At that point I decided to bail out and not do the switch because I could see I would have to pay someone to help me get my theme set up too because I didn’t know what I was doing. I just wasn’t ready to shell out hundreds of dollars to make the move and I didn’t have the know-how to do it myself.

    Ultimately I decided that I wanted blogging to be something I enjoyed doing in my spare time and Blogger is simple and easy and enjoyable for me. Someday I would still like to switch but it will probably not be until I have more free time to climb the learning curve. In the meantime, my blog still seems to be doing well and readership keeps growing even though I am on Blogger.

  • Michelle says:

    Even though I did purchase a domain name and have a WP site, I’m still using blogger. I’m on the fence about the switch. While I agree that the WP blogs have a far more professional look and feel, I don’t know if I want to switch until my blogger blog is a bit more established. But, on the flip side of that, I can also argue that now is the best time to switch because I don’t have several years worth of activity on the blog. It’s a tough call, but in the end I’m certain I will move over to WP. It’s just a matter of timing.

  • I use both platform still. However, Word Press is what I use for my main blog and I do like all the features it has. I would suggest that anyone use WP for their main blogs. I use Blogger blogs mainly for feeder sites to my main blogs or as mini blogs for new ideas.

    Take care,


  • I have been blogging for seven years the whole time on Blogger. I am just switching from a scrapbooking/stamping blog to writing about my life, etc. Eventually, I want to switch to WP, but since I made the switch I am going to wait a while. I hear great things about WP, but for free I am sticking with Blogger (for now).

  • krystle says:

    I use WordPress. I heard the most praises about it when I started blogging a few months ago. I decided the crowd couldn’t be wrong and went with that. I am happy with it so far. I had a blogger blog at one point but never stuck with it. I’m going to be different with WordPress.

  • Irene Penny says:

    Thanks for the info–checking out Intense Debate for comments on Blogger (commenting system the only downside so far) Otherwise, I like it–but am intrigued what extras WP has to offer.
    Note to self: print out and save all previous posting before any novice tech moves!

  • Sharon says:

    I believe WordPress.org is the best, simply because you own the content and are free to do absolutely anything you wish with your own blog. Adding a forum or having a group blog, is possible and it’s also great to own your own domain. That being said, for someone who is not looking to expand their blog, into a business, because their blog is really just a hobby, I’m certain that Blogger is really all they will ever need.
    Transfering from Blogger to WordPress is very easy. You open an FTP account, (file transfer protocol) and you simply upload your files, which are in folders, from your computer, which you back them up to first, and over into your hosted account. There is no worry of loosing the files because they are backed up onto your computer hard drive first. Your wordpress host will provide you with step by step tutorials, including video, to help you make the move, so really is very very simple, providing you follow the instructions step by step.

  • Rusty says:

    I have found a nerdish but also helpful and detailed comparison of Blogger and WordPress here:

  • I started out on Blogger almost two years ago. I made the decision to move to self-hosted WordPress because, as many others have noted, it’s considered the “professional” blogging platform. Plus, I wanted the cool CommentLuv and Shareaholic plug-ins that I couldn’t get with Blogger.

    After moving to WordPress, my traffic more than doubled. I do not know if it’s because I moved to WordPress, but I’m thinking possibly so. I like feeling as though I’m in control of my own web space, and WordPress makes me feel that way. I enjoyed the simplicity of Blogger, but I had heard a few too many horror stories from people who had their Blogger sites shut down with no warning.

    That said, I’m glad that I used Blogger while I did because I learned a lot about blogging. I don’t know that I would have stuck with blogging had I started on WordPress because it wasn’t as user-friendly. By the time I got around to using WordPress, I had a bit more confidence in my ability to learn things.

  • zeemaid says:

    I’ve been on blogger since the beginning. A while ago I had read that WP was considered more professional so I opened a WP account. However, I never made the switch because I was worried about losing all my stats etc and having to start over again. I’m a part of Mom Central and to participate in some of their programs they want the stats and all that to see if you qualify etc. So….. if i had someone who’d do the switch for me or walk me through it then maybe I would switch. I’d love to have more options.

  • Barbie says:

    I moved to WP about a year and a half ago, after being on Blogger for 3 years. I wanted to own my content and open my blog up for guest posting, sponsors in the future, etc. I am so thankful I did. I hired someone to “migrate” over all of my content and I didn’t lose anything. All of my subscribers transferred and it was a very smooth process. I still don’t have a clue how to customize anything on my own (except making a button here and though) so I pay someone to do that. It’s worth it for me. I just save my money and do it as I need to.

  • Amarie says:

    I’m on Blogger, but I respect ALL my Sitstahs’ personal choices of blogging platforms. 🙂

    BTW, for the commentor who lamented about the lack of a comment luv plug in for Blogger, Intense Debate is not only a great solution to Blogger’s less than perfect commenting system, but it also includes a comment luv widget!

  • I am a Blogger girl, BUT the *new* Blogger commenting changes are actually more of a pain than anything.
    It LOOKS like you can “reply” – but the replies don’t actually get sent to the commenter, so unless they check back on your blog, they’ll never know you replied.
    I ask, what is the point of that??
    Then there’s the fact that CAPTCHA is automatically turned on in this new system.
    Now I am typing in daft word combinations to blogs which previously didn’t have word verification. I’m glad that my customisations meant that the new new system doesn’t work on my blog. I’d rather wait for a better system and stick with the old “rubbishy” one until I can choose whether to have word verification or not.
    The SPAM filter is working really well on Blogger now – I haven’t had any Spam comments show up in AGES, so really there is no need for Word verification.

  • bcIMthemommy says:

    Can someone give me a clear cost estimate for WP? I’ve checked the site and they don’t have the costs clearly written out.

    I might consider making the switch if I could get a cut and dry answer about what it’s going to cost me.

    And I also have commentLuv on my blog and it works fine but Blogger just introduced a new commenting system that allows you to reply to your readers’ comments along with some new SEO tools. So they are trying bridge the gap. And all of this is still free to its users.

  • Audrey says:

    I’ve been blogging on Blogger for a decade. I’ve looked at WordPress but find it less customizable overall so I stick with Blogger. There’s pretty much nothing I’ve wanted for my blog that I haven’t been able to put on it, even Comment Luv. I don’t worry about owning my content stuff…there are too many blogs out there sitting on prime names with only one post from 2001 that they aren’t going to delete because the creator owns the content. Whatev, to each her own. 🙂

  • Shell says:

    I really like the commenting so much better on wp. Even though I allowed name/url on my blogger one, it was hard to continue the conversation.

  • I decided to take the leap to WordPress before I got too in-depth with any blog I was running. I didn’t want to have to move hundreds of posts over and still ensure I had good traffic and readership. Okay, not like I have much now but even so, I wanted to be firmly planted into a self-hosted site that I could and would be proud to show.

    There’s nothing wrong with Blogger but I have to admit the commenting system sucks, especially when users don’t allow Name/URL for those commenting and when they use CAPTCHA.

  • I have tried blogger (and still have blogs there- and am trying to keep up with one as a business building tool) But and this is a BIG BUT. I truly love the WordPress platform. I have two WP blogs. One is on wordpress.com ( http://lipsticknthingz.com ) and the other is a self hosted WP (http://carlawkennedy.com) . I find the WP self hosted to be the most customizable, but, when you start adding plugins, you need to do it slowlly and live with each one a day or two before you add another one.

    But of course the choice of blogging platforms is a personal choice, but I would say WordPress, either self hosted or hosted by WP is easier to use.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • Shell says:

      That’s interesting. I’ve always heard for free, go blogger. I’ve never tried the .com version of wp.

      • HI… WordPress.com is free.

        You can purchase a domain name and themes, reddirection and a couple of other things, but WP.com is free. Having used blogger and Wp.com, wp.com to me is easier to use with more theme choices.

  • I personally hate WordPress.

    • Shell says:

      We all have our personal opinions about which we like. I’m curious what you hate about it though?

  • IASoupMama says:

    I’m in the process of switching from Blogger to WP right now. I started to get panicked when I hear tales of people’s Blogger blogs vanishing — the thought of losing 360-some posts is terrifying!

    I’m pretty decent with HTML and, given time, have been able to teach myself some pretty complex software, so I’m certain that eventually I’ll be a pro with WP — I already figured out how to get into my style sheet and change font size 🙂 Hope to have my new site up and running next week!

  • Gin says:

    Question for anyone who made the switch from blogger to WP: what was the most difficult part of the switch? How time consuming was it? Did you do it yourself or hire out? I will probably make the switch in June and am trying to prepare myself for it!

  • Jenny says:

    I’ve been on blogger for almost three years. I have loved it, but as my blog grows and I’m about to add contributors, I’ll be switching to WP as soon as I can. It seems to be much more secure for a contributor site. On blogger I can add authors but they have comets access tO all of my content and I’m not comfortable with that.

    • Shell says:

      That’s a very good point. You can control what contributors are able to do on your site with wp.

  • Eve says:

    I started on Blogger and made the switch to WP after 2 months. It works better for me because I love being able to customize everything either by coding or a plugin. Plus, I know I own all my content!

  • Kia says:

    I have been debating with switching to WP from blogger for a couple of months now. Finances will not allow it at this time but thank you so much for sharing the pros of both.

  • I appreciate that you are sharing the pros of both platforms.

  • I was on Blogger for a long time, and really enjoyed it. Now I’m on a self-hosted WP site, and I like “owning” my content. There was a small learning curve to adjust to the WP software, but I’m finding that it is just as easy as Blogger.

  • I’ve been on Blogger since I started because it was free & WP just didn’t fit my budget. However, after installing my first WP design for Michelle, http://www.michellespann.com, and playing around with it for a bit, I decided WP was the place to be and will be switching over platforms soon! 🙂