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Spring Into Social Media: Facebook

By Apr 23, 20158 Comments

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Happy Thursday!

We are on our fourth day of the Spring into Social Media event. I hope you’ve taken away some juicy social media tips. We’ve covered Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube so far, and we aren’t finished yet! Today we’ll be focusing on Facebook.

Spring Into Social Media Schedule

I want to share with you some daily Facebook to-do’s to help you make sure you’re doing everything you can to maximize your Facebook exposure.

Daily Blogging To-Do’s for Facebook

  • Respond to any messages or comments that transpire from the last time you were on Facebook. If you’re doing this daily, it shouldn’t be more than 24 hours ago.
  • Have a new blog post? Post that to your Facebook page.
  • Recommend at least one page to your followers. If you can collaborate with that page owner, maybe you can cross-promote each other.
  • Ask your readers a question. I like asking yes/no questions or fill-in-the-blank questions. This is a great way to get engagement on your page.
  • Share other content with your followers. Whether it’s a funny video, a quote or a post from another blog, share it with your followers. Sharing other bloggers’ content can help you build connections with your fellow bloggers. Everybody loves for their content to be shared, so spread the love when you find something wonderful!

Facebook Tips

  • When it comes to the information that you post on your page info section, be as informative as you can. Be sure to list your website, what your site is about, what you have to offer your followers, and how your readers can connect with you.
  • Like I mentioned in Monday’s Twitter post, remember the 80/20 rule when posting on social media sites. Twenty percent of the content you post on Facebook should be your own content and link to your blog. The other eighty percent should be interesting, engaging, and educational content.
  • Facebook loves video – but it hates YouTube! Have you noticed that videos are getting priority spots in your Facebook newsfeed? Facebook wants to show videos to your followers, but only if those videos have been uploaded directly to Facebook. Try sharing at least one short video on your page every week. A great way to incorporate video into your Facebook strategy is to make a short teaser for your latest blog post – you can introduce your post like this or give a quick version of a craft tutorial like this. Get creative! It only needs to be about 30 seconds long. And don’t forget to add your link to the end of the video so people can click over to your post after they watch it.

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Laura resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and their 3 daughters. Laura is addicted to social media, online window shopping and all things mint flavored. She’s also a Pretty Little Liars addict and will probably need therapy when the series ends. Laura was a home business owner for over 7 years and left that income to become a full time blogger. She shares her tips on how she did it over at her blog, Laura Gelnett. She also blogs over at The Mom Who…, where she also talks about parenthood, recipes, DIY, blogging tips, saving money and more. Connect with Laura on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


  • Carolann says:

    Just a heads up folks – be careful how many pages you like before FB puts you in Jail!

  • Thank you for this week’s posts and link ups. We have loved following along. The advice on Twitter was super helpful! For today’s link up I accidentally linked the wrong page the first time and couldn’t figure out how to delete. So sorry! Thank you again for all the helpful info!

  • So is it bad that I liked 10 pages? I like that number better! Bring on the challenges!! WOOT!

  • Erin says:

    I’m so sorry I linked my YouTube by accident 🙂 Can’t figure out how to delete….

  • This is great! I really struggle with growth on FB more than any other social media. Looking forward to connecting.

  • Thank you, Laura, for your succinct post! I really love how you pointed out the importance of engaging your followers by posting an interesting question. The most helpful hint for me was cross-promoting other people’s pages by promoting theirs and vice versa. EXCELLENT idea, and I am totally going to do this!

  • Super excited! Have any posts you want love on? Reply with a link and I’ll send some your way.

  • Lovely idea, mainly the sharing the posts part.
    I am scheduling some since I am not a heavy FB poster.
    Thanks SITS for the opportunity. I cannot wait to finally reach 1,000 followers.