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Talking About Social Media – Forum Roundup

By Mar 29, 201314 Comments

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Are y’all getting used to the new forums, and finding your way around okay? We are having so much fun over there talking about all things blogging, and occasionally about non-blogging things, too. This week there has been a lot of talk about social media.

the sits girls Forum Roundup

Recreateanddecorate  is frustrated with Facebook and the lack of visibility her page is getting, and she isn’t the only one who is feeling this way.

It is impossible to talk about Facebook pages these days and not discuss the new “link in the comments” system a lot of bloggers are using to try to combat the low visibility. AlisonSWLee wants to know if you are putting the links to your posts in the comments or doing or doing it the old fashioned way.

TabbyAnn is going around Facebook pages and using a Facebook group to promote posts with other bloggers. Are you a member of a facebook group?

Twitter got some attention this week, too. Kristen is looking for ideas on how to keep up with twitter without getting overwhelmed.

What blogging and social media questions do you have?
I hope you will visit the forums this weekend and ask them. We have a great community of bloggers over there who would love to help.

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  • No wonder then that most of my posts (links) are not getting much likes. Now I can see why. But there are other mediums and anyways FB is nofollow.

  • I love the forums. Such a wealth of information to be learned from fellow bloggers!

  • I share many of the same issues with Facebook, ladies! I’m also extremely curious to know why I’m getting so much blog traffic from Pinterest recently. I’m terrible at Pinterest, but some of my blog posts that I have pinned to my blog’s board have started driving people to my blog–which is great!–but I don’t see that they are sticking around and commenting. And I have no idea how to interact with people on Pinterest and let them know I appreciate them coming by. Help! I need to find a Pinterest forum stat.

  • Luana says:

    I have a blog about travel and facebook is not that efficient at least in the number of likes I have far more people on google+, nearly 11.000 against the nearly 300 I have on facebook.

  • My other frustration with Facebook is that I see posts up to a week after they are posted – I would much rather see the posts in order, rather than to keep seeing what Facebook thinks is important (or what someone paid to have repeatedly on my wall).

  • Trying my best to “enroll” in the forum… I thought I was but… maybe I’m not could use some help!

    But the topic at hand? Trying to figure out a lot about facebook… just trying to keep up with interacting on my profile/home and trying to post on my page w/o being self-promoting and salesy. I haven’t even tried to set up a group yet. trying to figure out how to put the little “app” boxes across the top. I have twitter, pinterest and my blog(s) connected – but I dearly can’t figure out how to get a “Notes” box never mind an opt in form.

    I am simiply frustrated… but I am not giving up!

  • Charlotte says:

    I have noticed a lot more of these “link in the comments” posts but I haven’t done it for my blog just yet. Was wondering if it’s made a significant dent in views. Personally, I like doing it the old fashioned way b/c I like to see the image pop up and have an idea of what the article will be about before clicking on the comments box. Just me?

  • Chris Carter says:

    I really REALLY want to be in these forums!! Every topic hits close to home for me!!!! I want to know how to manage my TIME with social media and facebook groups etc. I would love to have about 12 more hours in a day to hit all of them and really benefit from the networking…but good LORD it’s impossible to keep up!

  • I think groups in Facebook are amazing!

  • I am moving slower with some of these outlets to see what will happen…facebook has disappointed me lots lately so I am looking for an alternative.

  • I wondered why I’ve been seeing the “link in the comment” thing on FB a lot – I didn’t know it helps with visability. I wonder if you post a picture of an image from a blog post and then put the link in the commnts – might help with it still looking good?

  • Jen says:

    Facebook has been frustrating. Putting the links in the comments does help with visibility but you lose the graphic. The reality is that the platform needs to make money. I’m just not convinced that paying to promote a post is a whole lot of value added.

    • Tracie says:

      I have read several posts from people who tired paying to promote a post, and they did not feel that they got much value out of it.