The SITS Girls Custom Search Engine

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Rules To Use The SITS Girls Custom Search Engine For Your Roundups

  • You may use one photo in your roundup posts and must include a link back to the original post. (Making the photo itself clickable as well is appreciated but not required.)
  • Do not copy full recipes or instructions. Only provide a brief description to encourage your readers to click over to the original post.
  • You may use and crop a photograph to create a pinnable collage, but photos should not be modified in any other way. This includes removing watermarks from single photos, creating hero images with single photos, or cropping single photos.
  • Be aware that results marked “AD” have not necessarily opted into the search engine. 

Rules To Include Your Blog Or Website In The SITS Girls Custom Search Engine

  • Adding your blog to the search engine means you are allowing fellow influencers to use one photograph and a brief description of your post in any roundups they create.
  • Adding your blog to the search also confers permission for one photo to be used in a pinnable collage. In those cases, the photo can be cropped to fit, which might remove watermarks and text. No other modifications can be made. Cropping can only be used for photos that appear within collages.

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Additions to the search engine will be updated on a monthly basis.