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August 21st: Recipe & DIY Linky

By Aug 21, 20186 Comments

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Good morning, everyone! One more week of summer vacation. I simply cannot believe it. We’re still doing all the summer things, though, and I’m definitely still making and sharing summer content! I want to keep this feeling for as long as I can. Summer always feels so wonderful.

What fun will you be up to this weekend? Whatever you do, we have plenty of ideas for you to use! This week on our Facebook page look out for some great recipe and craft suggestions! And there’s more where that came from. Now we get to our favorite part. Seeing what you all were up to last week!

Happy creating!



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  • Kajal Ahuja says:

    very good Recipe

  • Debby says:

    Thank you for sharing. I do appreciate.

  • Thank you for hosting again this week!

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  • Pam Greer says:

    Thanks for hosting! Have a great week!

  • Thanks for featuring my Lentil Burgers.