5 Minute DIY Infinity Scarf

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You may not think of scarves in the spring, but a light knit scarf can be a perfect spring accessory! Scarves can add a bit of pop to a boring outfit, and they can keep you warm on those cool spring nights. And one of my best DIY fashion tips is: you don’t have to spend hours to create something fun and beautiful. A 5 minute DIY infinity scarf is a simple addition to your spring wardrobe that perfectly demonstrate this!

Looking for 5 minute craft ideas? This DIY Infinity Scarf is perfect! It only takes 5 minutes to make and it is the perfect accent for your spring wardrobe.

5 Minute DIY Infinity Scarf

To make your own 5 minute DIY infinity scarf you will need:

  • ½ yard of soft knit fabric
  • a pair of scissors
  • sewing machine

Knit fabric is soft, breathable, and comes in all kinds of colors and patterns. It’s easily washable, and it’s simple to find in most fabric stores. I found my grey hounds tooth knit fabric on Fabric.com.

Your favorite pattern in a knit fabric is perfect for making an infinity scarf.

To begin, trim your fabric up to the perfect ½ yard size. If you want a fuller scarf, you could do ¾ yard of fabric.

Trim your fabric at least 1/2 yard - if you want a fuller scarf, start with a larger piece of fabric.

Next, flip your fabric inside out and fold in half lengthwise.

You are going to sew your fabric into a long tube. Sew along the edge of your fabric, keeping things even. If you stitches are not quite straight, don’t stress! This is a quick project that does not require perfection.

Sew your fabric into a long tube.

Once you have finished sewing along the edge of your fabric, fold your fabric tube right side out.

After your fabric is sewed into a tube, turn it right side out.

Next, tuck one side of your scarf into the other side to form a ring. Fold the edges along the side of your fabric down, to make a pretty edge.

Tuck your fabric in so no edges are showing.

You can use pins if you want, but I was going for quick here so time is of the essence! I opted to just use my fingers to guide my fabric into my machine, tucking and pulling along the way.

Sew your pretty edge down, so the fabric lays flat.

Once you have completed that stitch, clip your strings! Your scarf is done! Wasn’t that easy?!

Are you looking for a five minute craft idea? This DIY infinity scarf is your answer! Super easy to make, and perfect for adding style to your spring wardrobe.

Want to see the scarf-making in action? Check out this quick video:


To wear your scarf, place your head through the ring and allow it to hang around your neck like a long necklace. Then, cross the two sides to form another loop and pop your head through.

This infinity scarf only takes 5 minutes to make! | DIY Fashion

You’ve done it!

Want to make your own infinity scarf, but you aren’t in the mood to pull out your sewing machine? Check out this easy tutorial to turn an old t-shirt into a cute, spring infinity scarf with just three steps! No sewing required.

In three easy steps, you can turn an old t-shirt into a stylish infinity scarf that is perfect for spring!

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