Magnetic Advent Calendar with Cookie Sheet

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I’m loving my new magnetic cookie sheet advent calendar, and it was so easy to make! When I spotted magnetic tins in my local dollar store, I knew they would be perfect for a DIY Advent Calendar. The tins I found were in packs of two and measured 2.5 inches across. They fit perfectly on an 11” x 17” cookie sheet I already had at home. 
Magnetic Advent Calendar with Cookie Sheet and Metal Tins

Magnetic Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar

Magnetic Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar Supplies:

magnetic advent calendar with metal tins and ribbon

How to Make an Advent Calendar with a Cookie Sheet and Tins

I started by drilling a hole on either side of the top edge of the cookie sheet so I could add ribbon for hanging.

metal cookie sheet with two holes drilled in the side, painted green

After scrubbing down the cold cookie sheet, I gave it a few coats of hunter green spray paint that I picked to match the plaid cardstock I planned to use. This is where you can get really creative – if you use non-traditional colors in your holiday decorating, you can carry them over to your advent calendar!

Add Christmas patterned paper to metal tins with a glue stick

Cut circles out of colorful cardstock to match the size of your tins. You can speed this process up by using a digital cutter or paper punch, but cutting by hand works, too! Attach the cardstock to your tins using a gluestick. (I found the gluestick worked well, but if you discover it is not adhering, you can substitute hot glue.)

Layer numbers on top of the patterned paper

Print out our advent calendar printable on white cardstock and cut out each number. Attach the numbers to the front of each tin. You can grab the printable here: 

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Thread ribbon through the holes in the top of your cookie sheet and your advent calendar is ready to hang!

Fill your magnetic advent calendar tins with candy and attach to the cookie tin

Fill the tins with candy, small toys, little notes, and more – the sky is the limit! Then prepare to count down each day in December until Christmas is finally here!

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