9 Amazing Things You Can Do With Coffee Grounds

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Coffee is a necessity and a total lifesaver for busy and tired people everywhere. The delicious aroma fills every inch of our house in the morning. It doesn’t matter if you are a one cup a day person or a one pot a day person, you know coffee grounds build up. Until now, I have always tossed coffee grounds, but lately I’ve been trying to be more mindful of using or reusing everything. Did you know coffee grounds can be used to enhance almost every area of your life?  From beauty to gardening here are 9 amazing things you can do with coffee grounds.

9 great ideas for reusing coffee grounds in your home and garden.

9 Amazing Things You Can Do With Coffee Grounds


1. Did you know that coffee grounds can be used to help clear the pipes? Simply pour used coffee grounds and some dish soap down the drain, then follow with a pot of boiling water. You have instant homemade Drano. It is less toxic, and super effective! Use it on your kitchen sink or bathtub drain. It will help clear the clogs and remove the built up grease.

Use coffee grounds with your dish soap to degrease a drain!

Extra Tip: If you want to sharpen your disposal blades simply turn on your disposal when pouring the coffee grounds down the kitchen sink.

2.  I am sure you have heard of using baking soda to get rid of funky smells in the fridge. However, coffee grounds placed in a bowl in the freezer can be just as effective.  They will absorb anything not smelling so fresh!

Keep funky odors away with coffee grounds in the freezer!

3. Garlic is one of my favorite things to cook with, however I always have to spend days washing my hands trying to remove the odor. A simple hack is to rub your hands in coffee grounds after you have chopped fresh garlic. The odor will be gone, and your skin will be glowing!

Coffee grounds are a great way to remove a funky garlic smell!

4. Getting grease off pots and pans is one of my biggest hassles. There are some dishes I avoid cooking at all, because I don’t want to spend half a day scrubbing the pan. A great hack is to mix coffee grounds and dish soap together on top of a greasy pan. The acidic coffee grounds will cut through the grease, and leave your pan spotless in no time at all!

Use coffee grounds to get bacon grease off a pan!

5. I’ve read about the many benefits of coffee for your health, but did you know it can be used in your everyday beauty routine?! I totally love this idea, because it will save me a little money too! The caffeine in the coffee grounds is fabulous for tightening and smoothing out skin.

Mix coffee grounds and olive oil for a DIY exfoliant.

A great way to get a quick exfoliate for the bath or shower is the mix olive oil or coconut oil and coffee grounds together. Massage the mixture over your body. You will exfoliate off all the dead skin cells and pep up your tired skin. You could even leave it on, and let your body soak up the moisturizing properties of the oil and the tightening properties of the caffeine.

This is a fabulous way to soften your skin!

Extra Tip: This also smells delicious and will give you an instant mental boost!

6. If you use styling products in your hair every day, you know about product buildup. Your hair can become dull from all the extra product that is left even AFTER you shampoo! By mixing coffee grounds into your conditioner, you can eliminate this problem! The grounds will stimulate your scalp and leave it super clean!

coffee grounds and conditioner

Mix your conditioner with coffee grounds to deep clean your hair.

7. I am always on the search for the signature perfume scent! If you are having trouble finding a great scent, try smelling coffee grounds between perfume samples. It will allow you to smell the true scent of each perfume.

Coffee is a great way to refresh your pallet!

8. Coffee grounds can also be used outside. For those of you with a green thumb, did you know that putting coffee grounds around walls, borders, and plants is a great way to get rid of ants?

Keep unwanted pests away with coffee grounds!

Extra Tip: This is a safe and green way to protect your home against pesky bugs. If you have animals, coffee grounds are much safer than harmful anti-pesticides.

9. Organic compost is has been trending for a while now. Coffee grounds are fantastic to pile at the base of plants. They keep the pests away, and also give the plants the extra antioxidants and health benefits they need! We love to pile it around our herbs.

Use coffee grounds as a natural compost.

This amazing list of things to do with coffee grounds makes me love coffee even more. Not only can I feel ready to conquer the world after I drink it, I can then resuse the grounds to clean, garden, and groom! What a fabulous combination! This is just proof that coffee really can do it all!

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