DIY Bunny Ears Headband

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Holidays are my favorite times to take fun portraits of my kids. This year I decided to make bunny ears for my kids to wear during Easter portraits. I used leftover things from other craft projects to create a bunny ears headband. After they were completed, I thought they kind of looked like a fun Snapchat filter.

DIY bunny years are the cutest for Easter!

DIY Bunny Ears Headband

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I used leftover floral wire to create the form of the ears for the bunny. I made a version using an old wire hanger as well, but once they were completely finished they proved to be a bit heavy. Floral wire is really easy to manipulate and is so much lighter.

Flower wire is the perfect material to make your bunny ears stand up straight.

How To Make A Bunny Ears Headband

I played with the wire until I got a shape I was satisfied with, and then I made another to match. You can make your ears however long you like. I made mine shorter since I was making them for my daughter.

For the back side of the ears, I cut a rough shape out of my felt and  glued it to the wire. I folded the excess felt inwards around the wire to give it extra strength. On the front part of the ear I did the same thing, but made sure my cut was precise. The felt for the front of the ears should be almost the exact size of the ear. Then I glued it to the front. I cut small leaf looking shapes out of pink and attached them to the front as well.

Bunny ears headband. It's like a snapchat filter you can wear all day!

We had a plain white headband which is what I used for the base. I wrapped the extra wire around the headband and then secured it with hot glue. The next step is to embellish.

I used a variety of flowers to create a kind of crown around the base of the ears.  It will cover the wires if you were a bit messy when you attached them to the headband. You can use flowers that are all the same color or variety. I like a variety of flowers, it makes it feel like they were gathered in a field.

My daughter was thrilled with the ears! She said she feels like a bunny princess. I scored some major mom points! The best part is, you can customize the bunny ears however you like. In place of flowers you could put a crown, or stars, or maybe a bow! The options are endless.

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  • This spring when I was doing my annually spring cleaning, I found flowers that I don’t like anymore and instead of throwing them away, this is just a perfect idea to reuse them. Easter is coming and my little girl will be so happy if I make bunny ears for her! Thanks for sharing Leah Leatherby!

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