DIY Monogrammed Burlap Pillow Cover (+ Linky To Get Featured)

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I love a cute throw pillow. When you are looking for something to spice up your outdoor seating area, nothing is more perfect than burlap. This burlap pillow cover is cute and simple, and the monogram gives it a personal touch. It is perfect for your own home, or to make for a friend.

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DIY Monogrammed Burlap Pillow Cover

DIY Burlap Pillow

Make sure you have these easy-to-find supplies handy.

DIY Burlap Pillow

When I chose paint, I went with a permanent variety that was sure to last through rain, sun, and snow, since I wanted to put my pillow outside.

To begin, make sure your burlap is folded in half, so that you can work with two layers at once. Burlap is a loosely woven fabric, so by folding it over, it minimize any holes that you could see right through! Pin your burlap layers together, so that when you paint, you don’t have to worry about slippage.

DIY Burlap Pillow

Next, prep your surface for painting, and make sure you have tin foil, plastic, or some other workable surface underneath your burlap.  The paint will seep through, so protect your work surface!

Trace your initial or design using the permanent marker.  I just used my computer and printer to print out a letter to use as my stencil.  You could buy letter stencils or even freehand a design as well.

DIY Burlap Pillow

Using your black paint, carefully paint within the lines of your letter or design.  Make sure that you get enough paint on the burlap to saturate both layers.  You can use a smaller paint brush to reach in any intricate spaces.

DIY Burlap Pillow

Allow plenty of time for your design to dry. I took mine outside and let the warm sun beat on it for about 30 minutes, and it was good to go!

Do not attempt to sew your pillow cover without letting it dry!

DIY Burlap Pillow

While your burlap pillow cover is drying, measure your pillow form. Then, measure your design to find the middle of the pillow.

Using your design as a guide, measure out where to cut your burlap.  You want your burlap to be a bit snug after it is sewn. My pillow was 12 inches by 12 inches, so I measured out 12 inches (6 inches on each side of the middle point) and then added a bit for salvage. The measured size of my burlap after cutting (but before sewing) was 12 and ½ inches by 12 and ½ inches square.

DIY Burlap Pillow

Cut both a top and a bottom to your burlap pillow cover. Your top should be the 2 layers that you pinned and painted already, and your bottom should also be two layers. I cut my top first, and then used it to trace out my bottom.

DIY Burlap Pillow

Place your painted layers face down on top of your bottom layers as to make a burlap sandwich.

Next, pin all 4 layers together so that your burlap pillow is easy to handle and the layers do not slip around when you are sewing.

DIY Burlap Pillow

Sew 3 of the edges, keeping the fourth edge open for stuffing.

DIY Burlap Pillow

Trim your corners, remove your pins, and flip your pillow inside out to reveal your painted design.

DIY Burlap Pillow

Slip your burlap over your pillow form and make sure it is tucked inside nice and snug! Fold over your edges, and sew up the slack.

DIY Burlap Pillow

You are finished! Proudly display your pillow anywhere and enhance your décor with a pop of fashionable burlap!

DIY Burlap Pillow


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