Celebrate May Day with May Baskets

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After the Easter Baskets have been tipped upside down, and all the {good} candy eaten; after my vacuum has struggled through finding gobs and gobs of that plastic Easter grass hidden in the depths of my carpet fibers; after the Ham has been whittled down to the bone and the last packed away between two slices of bread in this morning’s brown bag school lunches…another holiday waits patiently, sitting tight for their quiet and usually unnoticed debut: May Day.

Have you forgotten about May Day? May Day stands like that quiet girl in the dark corner of a Jr. High dance. Never really noticed, but still present. Craving a bit of the spotlight, but too timid to speak up about it. I love celebrating May Day. Grab that girl out of the corner and give her a spin on the dance floor. May Day has some awesome moves to show off, but you won’t even know until you invite her!

My favorite May Day tradition is the May Basket. Of course, I guess this stems back to the fact that I love a good ding-dong-ditch. Every year, I find the most colorful paper to construct my baskets, and then gather things like pom poms, lace, paper flowers, and printed wax paper to decorate them with.

And then comes the business of what treasures to put inside! Sugar dusted gum drops, novelty candy, sweet taffy, and bubble gum fill my baskets to the brim.

Get ready for the best part! Scope out your hiding spots! Get ready to run! Surprise your neighbors with a happy May Day basket this year! Spread a little May Day cheer!

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