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Chicken Wire Message Board | DIY Message Board

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As the summer turns into the new school year, I am always looking for ways to organize my clutter! Making a DIY Message Board with chicken wire is the perfect way to battle the craziness fall schedules can bring.

It’s a simple and cute solution to a common problem. Even better, its as easy as 1-2-3!

DIY Message Board with Chicken Wire

DIY Chicken Wire Message Board

Keeping everything straight can sometimes be a massive chore! Setting up an organized message station can help to keep everything settled and calm. Don’t let disorganization get the best of you, plan ahead now!

To create this DIY Chicken Wire Message Board, you will need the following supplies:

  • A large wooden frame
  • Chicken wire, enough to fit inside the frame
  • Paint
  • Mini clothespins

DIY Message Board Supplies

Tools you will find handy are:

  • A foam brush
  • A staple gun
  • Wire snips

DIY Message Board Supplies

To begin, prep your work surface for painting and gather your frame, brush, and paint. Paint your frame allowing adequate time between coats for a smooth appearance.

Paint Your DIY Message Board

I used a semi-gloss craft paint, and I let my frame sit in the sun for about 30 minutes between coats.

Painted DIY Message Board

Once your paint is totally dry, set it on top of the chicken wire and measure out an estimate of how much chicken wire you will need.

Measure Chicken Wire For DIY Message Board

Then, using the wire snips, cut your chicken wire.

Cut Chicken Wire

Next, flip your frame over and do a second measurement, trimming the chicken wire to fit inside. You will want it slightly larger than the inside of the frame so you will have something for the staples to grab on to!

DIY Message Board

Manipulate your wire down inside of your frame, using some pliers or your fingers to bend the edges up against the sides.

DIY Message Board

Tip your frame up on its side and staple down the chicken wire to the sides of the frame, keeping the staple gun as close to the opening of the frame as possible.

DIY Message Board Staple Chicken Wire

Once you staple one side, flip the frame over, and do the other side.

DIY Message Board Staples

It’s okay to pull and tug on your chicken wire to get it tight and flat.
Repeat this process on the last two sides.

DIY Message Board

To hang notes, photos, and other ephemera on your message board, use clothes pins.

DIY Message Board Clothes Pins

I found a smaller sized clothes pin at my local craft store. If you want to take the project to the next step, you can decorate your clothes pins with washi tape, markers, or paint. I left mine plain.

DIY Message Board Clips

A DIY Chicken Wire Message Board is perfect to hang in a home office, or a space used for organization. Not only is it functional, but it’s a great addition to your home décor.

DIY Message Board

Happy crafting!

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