DIY Christmas Wreath

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Now that Thanksgiving is all wrapped up, I can officially say Merry Christmas! What better way to greet everyone that visits your home this season than a beautiful, festive and handmade Christmas wreath.

Add a bit of style to your Christmas home decor this season with an easy to make Christmas wreath.

First thing’s first, gather your supplies. You’ll need some wire (floral wire is ideal, but any sturdy but bendable wire will work in a pinch), wire snips, scissors or gardening shears, a wreath frame, and some greenery.

Supplies for your DIY Christmas wreath.

You can snip some branches off of a tree in your backyard or pay a visit to your local Christmas tree lot. They often have scraps they’ll sell for a nominal fee (or give away for free) or you can use pieces trimmed from your own Christmas tree.

Cut your wire and branches in preparation for making your Christmas wreath.

Trim your branches down to size and pull off any dead leaves. Now, using the snips, cut pieces of wire about 8 inches long.

Make small bunches, and hold them together with the wire.

Make small bunches of your greenery, wrapping a wire tightly around the bottom of the stems leaving an excess of about 5 or 6 inches for attaching to the wreath frame. I used an 18 inch wreath frame and needed 43 bunches to make it around the loop.

Attach your greenery to the wreath frame.

Start by laying one of the wired bunches onto the frame. I like to wrap the wire around the frame and the bunch together and then figure-8 weave the wire around the frame.

Continue adding your greenery to the wreath frame until it is completely covered.

Keep going around the loop until you get back around to your starting point.

Finished Christmas wreath, it was easy to make and looks really full and pretty when finished.

You’ll have to lift the top of the first bunch to tuck in the stems of the last bunch. That’s all there is to it!

DIY Christmas wreath hanging on the front door. This was easy to make. Christmas home decor.

Tie a beautiful ribbon around your Christmas wreath, and you’re all set to display it on the front door or gift it to a loved one.

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