DIY Decorated Bobby Pins: Great Last-Minute Gift Idea

By Dec 19, 20144 Comments

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It’s time to start getting those gifts together, making sure you haven’t forgotten anyone on your list. Here’s a little DIY gift that’s quick, easy, and inexpensive- decorated bobby pins!

These DIY decorated bobby pins are easy to craft and make a great last minute present.

DIY Decorated Bobby Pins

You’ll need to get your supplies together first. You’ll need bobby pins, hot glue gun/glue, nail polish, pencil, scissors, and birch plywood sheets (available at your local craft store – I used a coupon and the plywood ended up being less than $5).

Draw your designs on the birch sheet with your pencil. You can draw something Christmas-themed or even just a simple shape, but remember you’ll be cutting these out of wood, so save the intricate designs for after you’ve practiced a few times.

Cut out your Christmas shapes

Once they’re drawn, it’s time to cut them out.

Now that your shapes are cut out, use the nail polish to paint them.

Paint cut out shapes with nail polish.

You could use another permanent paint option, but nail polish dries with such a beautiful shine and comes in so many colors, plus, you’re likely to have some great colors on hand! A single coat will do you in most cases, but if you need a second coat, slap it on there! Remember to paint the edges- even though they’re tiny, they’re visible.

Once your paint is dry, it’s time to mount the shapes on the bobby pins.

Glue shapes to the end of your bobby pins

With a little dab of hot glue, stick the shape onto the pin, and that’s it! Now they’re ready to gift or wear.

Shapes glued to bobby pins to make cute hair decorations

In order to gift the pins, you can slide them onto a piece of cardstock/recycled Christmas card or onto another piece of the birch.

Punch holes in the birch ply wood.

The birch sheets are thin enough that you can use a hand-held hole punch to make a hole to fasten the pins through.

DIY Bobby Pins ready to be gifted.

I punched a few holes in the birch, (used the punched holes to make a holly berries bobby pin!), attached a small piece of pine needles with a decorative bow, and slid the pins on!

Wasn’t that easy? They make a great last-minute gift.