Scrapbooking Ideas: iPhone Apps to Help You Scrapbook

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Interested in scrapbooking ideas? Then check out this tutorial on how to take much of the manual work out of this beloved pastime.

scrapbooking ideas

Scrapbooking Ideas

I LOVE scrapbooks, but when it comes time to sit down and organize all those photos, date them & narrate them, it is soooooo frustrating that I end of getting very little done, and just throw everything back in the box.

When I bought an iPhone and discovered some fantastic and easy apps, everything changed and I developed a “SYSTEM” that is easy & fast. When I am ready to make the pages, everything is dated, narrated AND the photos are already laid out!!

While my scrapbooks are not works of art, I still get to use all those wonderful little decorations and we actually HAVE a scrapbook to sit down and look through – and the narrations are way better than anything I could try to pull from memory – because I write them within hours of taking the photo! Waaay better than a box of mixed up photos any day!

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