DIY Burlap Table Runner

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Bridging the decorating gap between Halloween and Christmas can be tricky! But, it isn’t impossible! Creating a table runner using burlap is a step in the right direction. Not only is burlap easy to find, it’s very inexpensive. In a matter of minutes, you can have your very own DIY 30-minute Burlap Table Runner!

This DIY Burlap Table Runner will only take you 30 minutes to make. It is super cute, and perfect for autumn decorating.

Create A DIY Burlap Table Runner In 30 Minutes

This table runner is easy to make, and you won’t even have to pull out your sewing machine or iron.

Supplies needed for DIY Burlap Table Runner

For this project you will need:

  • burlap (enough to extend the length of your table plus a little extra to hang off the sides by about a foot)
  • ribbon (enough to stretch the perimeter of your table runner)
  • no sew fabric fuse tape (enough to stretch the perimeter of your table runner)
  • scissors
  • tape measure

To begin, measure the length of your table, and also how long you would like your runner to hang off of your table. Then, add your measurements together. My table was 4 feet long and I wanted the runner to hang off of the sides of my table by one foot. So, my grand total was 6 feet long. Decide how wide you want your table runner to be. I decided I wanted mine to be one foot wide.

Measure your table top

Measure your table legs.

Next, measure out the length and width of your table runner. Before you cut your burlap, pull the string closest to your measurement and yank it out of the weave of your burlap. This leaves a nice line for you to follow along so you don’t cut crooked!

Measure burlap, and pull string to mark the place you will cut.

Cut the burlap for your table runner

Then, pull off the first 4 to 5 strings on each side of your burlap to create a fringe edge. This gives your table runner a finished appearance without sewing.

Create a boarder on the edge of your table runner by pulling a few layers of threads.

Next, using your ribbon—measure out and eyeball about how much ribbon you will need for the first side of your table runner.

Measure your decorative ribbon.

Place the fabric fuse tape on the back of your ribbon and cut to the length that you need.

Place fabric fuse tape on the back of your ribbon.

Then, remove the backing off of the fuse tape so that you have a perfect ribbon “sticker” that you created to stick onto your burlap!

You now have a ribbon "sticker" for your table runner.

Next, place your ribbon “sticker” into place and firmly press to adhere to your burlap.

Place and press down your newly created ribbon sticker.

Continue this process on all sides until your burlap runner is complete!

Add ribbon to all four sides of your table runner.

To finish the edges, simply stick one ribbon “sticker” on top of the bottom ribbon “sticker” and press.

Let the ribbon overlap on the corners.

A DIY 30-minute Burlap Table Runner is a simple and quick way to dress up any space!

30-Minute DIY Burlap Table Runner is finished.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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