DIY Window Shelf

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Hello SITS readers! It is Lindsay from My Creative Days, back to share a DIY project with you! Today I’m going to teach you how to make a DIY Window Shelf that will look great in any room in your house!

DIY Window Shelf | Make your own shelf out of an old window by adding some corbels and a little bit of extra wood. | Home Decor | DIY Shelves

DIY Window Shelf

This project was inspired by a day trip to a little shop in a town about an hour from where we live. Shops like this always inspire me. It is nice to step away from the computer and Pinterest and see inspiration up close, in person.

This place was packed full of amazing things. There were antiques, repurposed projects, reproduction pieces and farmhouse decor. All my favorites. I loved every piece I saw. I don’t buy a lot in stores like these because the prices are usually so high. It is more of an inspirational “window shopping” trip for me. But, on this particular day, I did pick up a few treasures to bring home with me.

This pair of white bunnies were perfect for my glass dome.

Glass Bunnies In A Dome

I also found two miniature flags that I had to have. We were there before the Fourth of July holiday and I needed a little red, white and blue in our home. They fit in perfectly on our faux mantle in our living room. Of course, I was inspired by so many things I saw in the store that day, but one piece really stood out and caught my eye.

Can you guess which piece it was in this picture?

Window turned into a shelf - great DIY project.

That green piece hanging on the wall was my DIY inspiration for the day.

Did you guess right?

When I walked in the room, I saw it right away. I went over to get a better look at it and noticed the price tag.


WHAT?! No way!!!!

Now, I was really intrigued. Was it painted with gold? Does it do the dishes and hang the cups on it for you? Are there ancient jewels on it somewhere? Believe me, I was looking for something amazing to jump out at me.

After the thorough search and coming up empty handed, I knew I could make one very similar for less than $5.

Not $325, but $5.

The challenge was on.

I went home and searched through my window stash and found this gem.

Old windows are great for DIY projects.

It was the perfect candidate for the project.

First, I broke out all of the glass from the window.

Then, we used some left over wood in the garage to make the shelves for the top and bottom.

When you break all of the glass out of an old window you have the beginning of a great shelf.

We used the same wood to make homemade corbels to attach the shelves to the window.

Attach a piece of wood to the old window to increase the shelf space.

Corbels are great for attaching extra shelves to your old window.

I loved the chippy, yellow paint the window had, but I didn’t want the wood shelves to stick out so much. So, I white washed the entire piece.

Once you have added your shelf onto your old window, go over the whole piece with some paint and then sandpaper to give it a distressed look.

Then, I went over it all with some sandpaper.

Close up of DIY Window Shelf with distressed paint. Great shabby chic home decor piece.

I didn’t add hooks to my piece because I wasn’t going to use it for coffee cups.

Change out the decorations on your DIY window shelf with the seasons. This is a great collection for the summer. | Home Decor

The best part of this project was that I came in way under budget! I bought the window for $1 and we had the rest of the supplies on hand. I saved $324! This was a DIY win for sure!

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