10 Homemade Christmas Gifts That Will Make Your Holidays Merry & Bright

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Using these 10 easy homemade Christmas Gift ideas, you can spark your own inner Christmas creativity.  Easy gift giving is at your fingertips!

Finding just the right gift for that special someone can be a tricky job sometimes!  Not to mention, the expense of finding gifts for everyone on your list can add up this time of year.  In the search for meaningful presents, think no further than your own two hands!  Homemade gifts are as much of a joy to make as they are to give (and receive!)  Using these 10 easy homemade Christmas Gift ideas, you can spark your own inner Christmas creativity.  Easy gift giving is at your fingertips!

What could be more satisfying than giving a handmade gift?  Giving something that you have made is deeper than money can buy.  Anyone can purchase a present, but offering a handmade gift is like offering a bit of yourself as well.  Gift making does not have to be difficult either!  In the 10 Easy homemade Christmas Gifts Guide, you will find simple ideas… and most are finished in an hour or less!

homemade christmas gifts

1.  DIY Boot Cuffs

Boot cuffs are all the rage right now!  This popular trend often takes a big bite out of pocketbooks, but it doesn’t need to be that way!  Using a needle and thread, you can transform any old sweater into a fabulous pair of trendy boot cuffs!  Don’t have an old sweater?  A quick run to the thrift shop can easily (and cheaply) remedy that!

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homemade christmas gifts

2.  DIY Fabric Napkins

Who knew that just a few yards of fabric, and a quick zip through the sewing machine can yield a personalized set of napkins perfect for gifting!  Do you have a friend who is crazy for cats?  Find her some over the top cat fabric and create a gift she will never forget!  The great thing about napkins is that everyone uses them, and they can be personalized to fit anyone.  They are the ultimate easy DIY gift!

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homemade christmas gifts

3.  DIY Broken China Ring

Looking for something for that hard to buy for fashionista?  This Anthropologie inspired DIY ring is just the ticket.  Now, don’t go smashing your grandma’s heirloom china just yet!  The perfect plate can be found at a quick trip to the thrift store.  After smoothing the edges with a dremel, a dab of glue and a ring base are all that is needed to finish this perfect and thoughtful Christmas gift.

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homemade christmas gifts

4.  DIY Stamped Hangers

A gorgeous set of stamped hangers would make the perfect hostess gift this holiday season.  Personalize with names or significant dates, or think of meaningful sayings or phrases to personalize this gift.  The words to a favorite song?  An inside joke that makes you both giggle?  Stamped hangers are an easy gift that can tailor to fit almost anyone!

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homemade christmas gifts

5.  DIY Handkerchief Tablecloth

You will not find an easier sewing project than the Handkerchief Tablecloth!  All of the handkerchiefs are hemmed, so just a quick stitch through the sewing machine and you are finished!  Personalize by choosing colors, and making it as big or as small as you desire.

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homemade christmas gifts

6. DIY Fabric Button Earrings

Just like the fabric napkins, these button earrings are easily personalized for anyone.  Fabric of all colors and patterns can be made into a cute little pair of earrings!  Why not one pair for every outfit?  Button earrings are so simple to make, in less than an hour, you could make a pair for all of your friends.

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homemade christmas gifts

7. DIY Monogram Burlap Pillow

Burlap is everywhere in home décor, and usually on the pricey side as well!  But, not when you buy it off of the bolt at the fabric shop!  I found burlap for less than a $1 a yard, which I used to make this adorable little pillow.  A burlap pillow is a fun gift that is easily personalized with a monogram or any design of your choice!

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homemade christmas gifts

8.  DIY Wire Birds Nest Ring

Just a bit of wire and a few colorful beads can make a gorgeous Christmas gift!  This bird’s nest ring is easier than you think and can be made in just a couple of minutes!  You can simply customize by adding the number of eggs for the number of children that someone has.  The nest can also be made into a pennant for a necklace by replacing the ring back with a chain instead.

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homemade christmas gifts

9.  DIY Chalk Board Banner

The beauty of anything made “chalkboard” style is that it can be customized over and over again!  A chalkboard banner can be pulled out for any holiday or celebration, its uses are endless!  It makes the perfect gift for anyone!

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homemade christmas gifts

10.  DIY Silhouettes

Having silhouettes custom made are very expensive!  But, did you know that it only takes minutes to make them yourself?!  Silhouettes are a very sentimental and special gift that anyone would love to get.  Tuck one in a colorful frame, and you have a gorgeous gift that you would be proud to give to anyone!  You can make a silhouette of a child, or even a special pet.

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