DIY Glow In The Dark Floating Ghosts

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I love to decorate the front porch for Halloween. My kids always ask me to make it as spooky as possible, and they want to see new things every year. So I’m always on the hunt for kid-friendly, cheap decor! The great thing about Halloween is that you can transform things into spooky fun decor for just a few dollars! These DIY Glow In The Dark Floating Ghosts are the perfect craft to make for your house this year! 

Glow in the dark floating ghosts

DIY Glow In The Dark Floating Ghosts

Materials you need for this project (this post contains affiliate links):



Floating Glow In The Dark Ghost Video Tutorial

How to Make Floating Ghosts That Glow In The Dark

Glowing ghosts can be made in just a few easy steps! The best part is, because the face of the ghosts will be covered in cheesecloth, you do not have to cut the eyes and mouth with perfect accuracy. Once the cloth covers the face, they will glow and look perfect! So, no need to measure for this one, just eyeball it, and it will turn out perfect!


1. Begin by cutting eyes and a mouth out of the black felt. I made my eyes about the size of a quarter, and cut my mouth in an oval shape, so the ghost would have an open mouth. You want to make sure they will fit on your plastic ornament.

This will be transformed into an awesome glowing ghost!

2. Use a hot glue gun to attach the eyes and mouth onto the outside of the ornament. Try to place the eyes so they are evenly spaced.

3. Break open your glow sticks and put them inside your clear, plastic Christmas ornaments.

4. Arrange the cheesecloth over the outside of the ornaments.

I found that about 7 square feet layered folded and layered three times was just heavy enough to create a glow, but also let the eyes and mouth still be visible. You can fray the edges of the cheesecloth, too, to make your ghost look a little rough around the edges.


Now it’s time to make your ghosts float!

String your fishing wire through the hole of the ornament at the top and then hang your floating ghosts wherever you want!

Glow sticks are so cheap, you can get three for a dollar! Change your glow sticks out every night for a week, and have your ghosts glowing bright and haunting the neighborhood!

DIY Glow In The Dark Floating Ghosts are the perfect Halloween decor — a great mix of fun and spooky. Light 'em up, and you'll have the best decorated house on the street.

After Halloween ends, you can reuse the clear plastic ornaments to decorate for Christmas, too!

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