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10 Food-Free Printable Valentines

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When did Valentine’s Day turn into a second Halloween? I remember bringing home an empty tissue mailbox filled with Valentine’s cards and the occasional heart-shaped lollipop or box of conversation hearts. But these days? It is totally different. My son came home from school last year with a paper sack FULL of candy. Thankfully, this year’s teacher has requested food-free valentines. No candy, no allergens, no worries! I LOVE IT!

Perfect for last minute valentines, or for parties where you need food-free valentines. Free printables.

10 Last Minute Food-Free Printable Valentines

We’ve compiled a list of 10 of our favorite, food-free, DIY valentines. And get this, they all have a free printable! Putting these printable valentines together is a cinch whether you’re crafty or not, and it is something the kids can definitely help with.

1. Bullseye Valentine

Bullseye printable valentine.

2. Bubbles Valentine

Bubbles Valentine with cute printable tag.

3. Cupid’s Heart Glowstick Valentine

Cupid Hearts Glow Stick Valentine

4. Dino-mite Valentine

Dino-Mite Valentine

5. Yoda Best Valentine


6. PlayDoh Valentine

PlayDoh printable valentine

7. Whoopee Cushion Valentine

Whoopee Cushion Valentine

8. Cupid’s Arrow Valentine

Cupid's Arrow Valentine

9. Wheelie Valentine

Wheelie Valentine

10. Paper Airplane Valentine

Paper Airplane Valentine


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