Fun Activities To Do With Kids: Pom Poms!

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Fun activities to do with kids can sometimes be hard to come by.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that a whole day of fun could be had with:

indoor activities for kids

I hit the jackpot at the 99 cent store last year when I happened upon extra large bags of brightly colored pom poms. I bought a few bags for a special project and tucked them under my bed… for later. Of course, my youngest son had a different idea. He asked to play with the pom poms, but called them “ice cream scoops”. This gave me an idea.

fun acitivity for kids

First, I had him sort the “flavors”. I supplied him with plastic containers for each color. Then we set up our ice cream shop. A spoon for a scoop, paper cups for cones, we even resurrected the cash register from the bottom of the toy box! After he crafted a few quick menus made up with crayons, it was official! We were open for business!

fun activities kids

I, of course, am the first customer. Decisions, decisions! Choosing a flavor is hard! But then, I spot the menu and notice the “Rainbow Cone” choice. Ah, perfection!

fun activities to do with kids

How many scoops?
“Until they reach the top of the cone!” I exclaim!
Hey, its calorie free ice cream, I throw caution to the wind.

fun activities to do with kids

Ice cream shop is still one of our favorite stand-by activities. Its harbored hours and hours of imagination building fun with just a few simple (and cheap) supplies. It’s taught money skills, working together, motor skills, and creativity. A perfect way to keep little hands busy this summer!

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