DIY Gumdrop Snowflakes

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Looking for a simple way to keep your kids busy during winter break? Look no more! DIY Gumdrop Snowflakes are a simple way to keep all the little hands in your life, busy! They are a perfect addition to a children’s table at Christmas dinner, or even the perfect topping to a special Christmas gift. You might even have all the supplies hiding in your kitchen already!

These gumdrop snowflakes are a perfect Christmas activity to keep kids busy and entertained while Christmas dinner is cooking.

DIY Gumdrop Snowflakes

Winter break brings lots of fun for all ages, but it also might bring bouts of boredom as well. Before it’s time to unwrap the Christmas gifts, little hands might have a hard time staying out of trouble. Keep everyone busy making these sweet Gumdrop Snowflakes.

Supplies you need to make gumdrop snowflakes

To begin, gather these supplies:

  • Large gumdrops
  • Small gumdrops
  • Toothpicks
  • Ribbon or bakers twine

Begin layering gumdrops on toothpicks.

First, layer 3 small gumdrops onto 6 toothpicks. (18 gumdrops total)  Leave one end of the toothpick exposed. You can do any color you like!

Attach your toothpicks to one large gumdrop.

Next, push all the small gumdrop toothpicks into a large gumdrop to form a snowflake shape.

Make a snowflake shape with your gumdrop toothpicks.
Place the toothpicks in a circle around the large gumdrop.

Your gumdrop snowflake is almost complete! See how simple this is!

Finished gumdrop snowflake

In just minutes, you can build a whole gumdrop blizzard!

Gumdrop snowflakes in a rainbow of colors.

To complete your gumdrop snowflake, tie ribbon or the bakers twine just under one of the small gumdrops and then tie it at the top to form an ornament.

Attach twine to your gumdrop snowflake.

That’s it! Your gumdrop snowflake is complete!

Hang your gumdrop snowflake on the tree, or give it as a gift.

Hang your snowflakes on your tree, use them to top a gift, or hand them out to your neighbors. It’s a perfect activity for kids!

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