How To Make A DIY Hair Bow Holder

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We’re continuing our series of great how-to craft tutorials with SITStah Mandy from The Fabulous Baby Striblings today. On Monday, she showed you how to make a no-sew growth chart, and today, an adorable hair bow holder for all of your daughter’s hair accessories!

Here is how you make a DIY hair bow holder. I took the basics of DIY tutorials I found on Google, and adapted them a bit. I wanted it to coordinate well with my children’s nursery and wanted it to look simple and, of course, a little French.

DIY Ribbon Holderr

Supplies you’ll need

  • Glue Gun
  • Ribbon ($1.99)
  • Scrapbook paper ($.59 each)
  • Frame from Goodwill ($2.49)
  • Wood Letter ($1.49)
  • Spray Paint and other paint (already had)
  • Clear Tape
  • Flower poof on a stick ($2.99)

Make the frame and backing

I used a coat of paint to fix the the God-awful fugly frame from Goodwill.

 DIY Ribbon Holder

DIY Ribbon Holder

Ribbon, scrapbook paper and flower on a stick

I took the clear plastic piece out of the frame and laid it down on the paper. (The pages look misaligned because I lined up the fleur-de-lis to be even).

DIY Ribbon Holder

Other tutorials I saw used fabric and staple gunned the fabric to the back. I chose to use paper and tape. I taped the pages down really carefully to the back of the plastic piece, making sure it was really secure.

DIY Ribbon Holder

Voila! Here is what it looks like from the front side.

DIY Ribbon Holder

I then painted the frame and the wood letter J. I painted the frame the same color as the bottom half wall in my children’s nursery. I then spray painted the letter J chocolate.

 DIY Ribbon Holder

Preparing the ribbon strips

Next I cut the ribbon into strips and placed them about 2.5 inches apart. I glue gunned them together on the back, then also glue gunned them to the plastic, so they wouldn’t move around on me.

 DIY Ribbon Holder

Secure the ribbon and backing to the frame.

DIY Ribbon Holder

Add the final touches

I took the wooden stick off the poof flower and glue gunned it to the upper corner. Then I glue gunned the letter down onto the paper. Then put it all in the frame.

DIY Ribbon Holder

You can hang this ribbon holder on the wall, or from a door with a ribbon. This project took less than 2 hours, and was SUPER simple. And I love it way better than the ones I have seen online for sale!

DIY Ribbon Holder

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