Halloween Crafts: A BOO-Tiful Door Hanger For You

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Evonne from Jules Out Loud is helping us to dive into Halloween today. She sent over a craft tutorial on how to make a Halloween Door Hanger. When it comes to Halloween craft ideas, this is one that you just can’t miss!

BOO-tiful Door Hanger

Wood letters – I used 6 inch letters
3 sheets of scrapbook paper
Black paint
White paint
Paint brushes – 1 regular, 1 sponge brush
Mod Podge
Orange yarn
Wood ghosts
Black Sharpie

1. Paint the sides of your letters with the black paint

halloween craft ideas

2. Using the wood letters as a stencil, trace the outline of your letters. Cut the letters out.

3. Using the sponge brush, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the front of your wood letters and apply the paper letter accordingly.

halloween craft

Wait approximately 20 minutes then apply a thin coat of Mod Podge on the top of the letters.

4. Cut 3 strands of orange yarn. Tie each letter together. Making a loop, tie the final strand around the top of the B.

5. If you choose to add the ghosts, paint them white. After the paint dries, use a Sharpie to draw faces. Using a hot glue gun, craft glue, or regular white glue, add the ghosts to your hanger.

6. Hang and enjoy!

halloween wall

Happy Halloween!

About the Author:

Jules Out LoudMy name is Evonne, aka Jules, on my blog. Along with being a blogger, mom, and wife, I am a crochet, craft, coffee, and chocolate chip cookie addict. An intervention may be necessary! If you’re interested in learning more about me and what goes on in head, you can find me at Jules Out Loud. If you want to read some crazy antics about my kids, you can also find me at All You Need is Love.

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