DIY Instagram Christmas Ornament

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Wondering what to do with all of your photos on Instagram after you’ve taken them? Try using your Instagram photos to help decorate for the holidays! Creating your very own DIY Instagram Christmas Ornament is the perfect way to pull in fun past memories and personalize your Christmas tree. And, they make fantastic gifts!

Make your tree extra special and put your Instagram pictures to good use with this great Christmas decor idea: DIY Instagram Christmas Ornaments. They are cute and easy to make.

DIY Instagram Christmas Ornament

Nothing says Christmas quite like family and remembering past experiences. These DIY Instagram Christmas Ornaments are the perfect way to do both! Trim your tree using Instagram! It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Gather these supplies:

  • glass Christmas ornaments with the removeable metal tops
  • ribbon
  • ornament filler (I used tiny metal jingle bells!)
  • printed Instagram photos

Supplies to make your own Instagram Christmas Ornament

To begin, you must download your Instagram photos so that you can get them printed. To do this, I used the program Instaport which downloads your Instagram photos in a few quick minutes. Then, I uploaded my photos onto my favorite 1-hour photo website. It was that easy!

Glass Christmas tree ornaments.

After trimming my photos to size, I retrieved my glass Christmas ornaments and removed the metal tops.

Trim your instagram pictures to the right size.

To fit your photo inside, simply roll your photo up into a small scroll and push it through the opening in the top! Once your photo slides through the top, it should pop open and unroll. I found that shaking my ornament around helped this process a bit. And, stubborn photos were quickly opened by poking a popsicle stick down into the hole and helping them out a little!

Roll up your photos and slide them into the top of the glass Christmas ornaments.

Next, add a bit of the ornament filler in to the bottom of your ornament. This adds a bit of weight, and also makes your ornament pop!

Add sparkles, bells, or other filler to the inside of your ornament to give it weight and make it shine.

Last, replace the metal top onto your ornament. Finish your Instagram Christmas Ornament with a bit of ribbon tied to the top! How cute!

Add ribbon to the top of your Christmas ornament. It is cute and functional.

You can trim a whole tree using your DIY Instagram Christmas Ornaments!

Small Christmas tree with Instagram Photo Ornaments. Cute idea for Christmas home decor.

Don’t forget to make a few to pass out as gifts this Christmas. They are the perfect way to send a little Christmas cheer.

DIY Instagram Christmas ornament. This is a cute idea for adding a special touch to your Christmas tree and home decor.

Happy Christmas Decorating! 

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