How To Turn Your Kid’s Drawings Into Stuffed Animals

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Now that summer is here, parents are being flooded with drawings and art projects their kids brought home at the close of the school year and are creating during these long vacation days. Today we are featuring a fun craft to turn your kid’s drawings into a stuffed animal. So get out your crafting tools to create something fun of your very own, and get ready to link up.

How to Turn Your Kid’s Drawings Into a Stuffed Animal

All kids are artists!  But, did you know that you can turn one of your children’s masterpieces into a treasured stuffed animal? Just follow these quick and simple steps to help your child create their own huggable keepsake!

turn your kid's drawings into stuffed animals
Only a few supplies are needed to create your own artwork stuffed animal!

Just gather:

  • Some plain white paper
  • fabric crayons (can be purchased at any craft store)
  • a half yard of white muslin fabric
  • an iron
  • a needle and thread
  • a sewing machine

Turn your kid's drawings into stuffed animals
First, set out a piece of paper and the fabric crayons and encourage your child to create a picture. The fabric crayons feel just like regular crayons when drawing on the paper. When they are finished, check the picture and make sure that the crayon is colored in an even manner and is slightly on the thick side. If your crayon markings are too light, they will not show up on the fabric when you make the transfer.

turn your kid's drawings into stuffed animals
Next, transfer your picture onto your fabric. To do this, prepare your ironing surface with some paper so that the crayon wax will not melt onto your ironing board. Place your picture on top of the paper, and then place the fabric on top of your picture. Top the fabric with another piece or two of paper so that you don’t transfer any wax onto your iron.

turn your kid's drawings into stuffed animals
Iron your masterpiece with slow and steady strokes. You want to avoid moving the picture or the fabric. Periodically check the transfer to make sure it is clear and bright. It took me about 5 minutes of ironing to get a total transfer.

turn your kid's drawings into stuffed animals
After your iron on transfer is complete, place another piece of fabric under your transfer and cut out your design. While cutting through both layers of fabric, make sure to leave space around your picture for seams.

turn your kid's drawings into stuffed animals
Turn your design to the middle, and using your sewing machine, (or a needle and thread) sew around the outside. Take care around corners and edges, and make sure you leave an open space for stuffing!

turn your kid's drawings into stuffed animals
Using the hole you left open for stuffing, turn your design inside out so that the seaming is on the inside. Stuff your design with your stuffing keeping in corners, points, and small details in mind. You want to make sure that you get enough stuffing inside so that the design holds its shape.

turn your kid's drawings into stuffed animals
Last, fold the edges of the hole in and stitch it up with a needle and thread.

turn your kid's drawings into stuffed animals
Enjoy! It’s not every day that you can hug a creature that you drew yourself! Creating your own artwork inspired stuffed animal is a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon! Design and create a whole collection!


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