DIY Leather Napkin Rings

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November is a great time to start thinking about the Thanksgiving table! Every detail counts when it comes to the holidays. But, even the smallest details can make a huge impact! Want to add a bit of whimsy to your holiday table? Think about making your own set of DIY Leather Napkin Rings. This amazing detail packs a punch without being time consuming or tedious. I made mine in less than 15 minutes.

Add an unexpected touch to your table with these DIY leather napkin rings. They look fabulous and fancy, but are super easy to make.

DIY Leather Napkin Rings

I love the look of leather. It’s an unexpected element at a dinner table that will wow your guests and add the perfect unique touch to your table setting. And, I can bet that making your very own set of DIY Leather Napkin Rings is a whole lot easier than you think!

To begin, you will need:

  • An old belt or strip of leather (I picked mine up at a local leather shop on discount because it has a slight imperfection)
  • screw post conchos (I used ¼ inch size)
  • leather hole punch (I used a craftool #07 size 13/64 drive punch)
  • hammer
  • tape measure or ruler
  • heavy duty scissors

Tools needed to create DIY leather napkin rings.

First, measure out 6 inches on your strip of leather and cut.

Measure and cut 6 inches on your leather strip.

Next, roll your leather up to see the best place to make your hole. Using your hole punch, make a hole in one side of your leather.

Punch a hole in your leather strip.

Then, roll your leather up and make a mark through the first hole onto the leather underneath. Use this mark to make your second hole.

Mark your leather for a second hole.

Next, roll your leather back up and align your holes. Attach your leather ends together to form a ring using a screw post concho.

Add a screw post to hold your leather circle together.

A belt or similar length of leather can produce 6 to 8 napkin rings! Don’t forget to make one for every seat at your table!

Finished leather napkin rings.

A set of DIY Leather Napkin Rings is the perfect way to bring a bit of the unexpected to your dinner table! Happy Thanksgiving!

Cloth napkin bow with a DIY leather napkin ring. Simple to make, beautiful addition to your next tablescape.

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