DIY Coasters: Coaster Making Fun with Watercolors

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When winter bows out and spring starts to wrap her warm arms around us, I can’t help it but crave a bit of color!  We see color popping everywhere, why not inside too?

Creating your own set of DIY Coasters is the perfect way to bring a bit of the outside color in!  Even better, coaster making is easy as pie and only require a few inexpensive supplies.

coaster making

DIY Coasters Using Watercolors

The best part about creating these DIY Coasters with Watercolors is the fact that you may have most of the supplies in your cupboards at home already!

diy coasters

To begin, choose a tile and using your Sharpie markers, color a crazy pattern or design.  There is no right or wrong way to do this!  Just let your inner artist out and draw!

diy coasters

coaster making

Next, using a dropper or a spoon, make multiple small puddles of alcohol on top of your tile.  Then, here comes the hardest part, allow the puddles to dry.  Resist the urge to blow on your tile, move your tile, or blot your tile.  Allow the simple process of evaporation to do its thing!  (Also, please make sure you are in a well ventilated area when using the alcohol, and remember, it’s flammable!)

diy coasters

After the first puddles of alcohol have dried, drop another round of puddles on top of your tile.  Try to focus in on areas that have not had alcohol on them, but you can drop puddles on top of dry puddles.  Continue this process of dropping puddles and allowing them to dry until you get the effect you are looking for!

coaster making

When your tile is finished and you are ready to move on, place it on top of your felt and trace around it using a piece of chalk or a crayon.  Cut out your shape.

coaster making

Next, turn your tile over and glue the felt square onto the back.  Press it down to smooth any bumps.

diy coasters

To complete your DIY Watercolor Coasters, spray the tops of them with a clear acrylic to seal in the ink and make a waterproof surface to place a drink on top of.  This step is best done outside.

diy coasters

Allow your coasters to dry a full 24 hours before you use them!

diy coasters

DIY Watercolor Coasters are not only easy, but they are the perfect homemade gift for friends!

diy coasters


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