DIY Mason Jar Snack Storage Hack

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We are always on the go in my family. I can’t remember the last time I was able to sit down and have a snack break in the middle of the day without getting interrupted multiple times. This year I made a resolution to go a little more green. In an attempt to forgo plastic bags I came up with a quick mason jar hack. It is the perfect snack holder for kids, and the snack top dispenser allows for just the right amount! This DIY Mason Jar Snack Hack is the perfect trick for your busy lifestyle.

Use this easy Mason Jar snack hack to make snack storage easy without plastic bags! It's a great way to take snacks on the go, too!

DIY Mason Jar Snack Storage Hack


  • Mason jar
  • Empty cardboard milk or juice carton
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors

The beauty of this project is that you are turning trash in to treasure! I don’t like my kids using the mason jars because of the lids. I am always worried they will cut themselves on the metal. So by using this trick, kids can use the spout of the old juice carton to dispense treats without having to ask for help each time.

How To Recreate This Mason Jar Snack Hack

The process is so simple. Trace the lid jar around the carton dispenser, centering the spout in the middle. Cut out the circle. Hot glue the edges if you want a super tight seal for liquid.  Then fill with treats and enjoy!

Use an old juice carton to make a snack container!

The fun part about the juice containers is that you can write on them! So if you are packing a lunch for someone on the go, you can write them a special message! Get creative with it!

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