Milk Jug Ghosts

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I always love reusing everyday items for craft projects. Coffee Filter Flower Balls, Toilet Paper Roll Ornaments, and Trash Bag Spiderwebs are perfect examples of taking something and transforming it into stunning holiday decor! A couple of months ago I started collecting milk jugs, but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them. After much deliberation I settled on making these Milk Jug Ghosts for Halloween.

Milk jug ghosts are the easiest Halloween decoration DIY. You will only need a few simple supplies from the Dollar Store to make your front yard ghostly.

Milk Jug Ghosts

Here are the materials you need to make milk jug ghosts:

  • Milk Jugs
  • Scissors
  • Sharpies
  • Dollar Store Solar Light Stakes

Milk Jug Ghosts Video Tutorial

How To Make Milk Jug Ghosts

We drink lots of milk in our house. I feel like I go to the store at least two times a week for milk! If  you don’t drink as much milk as we do, you might want to ask a couple of friends if you can have their milk jugs when they finish with them.

3 things are needed for this amazing Halloween DIY!

Whenever I start a craft the kids always want to jump in and join in the DIY project. This was the perfect craft to let them take a stab at!

Use a sharpie to make spooky ghosts!

The method is quiet simple! Grab a sharpie, and turn your milk jug upside down, and draw whatever face you like on the flat side.

After that, cut off the bottom portion of the jug to create a wide opening. These milk jugs can withstand the elements, so they are great for lining walkways or would work great sitting on the porch, as well.

Draw spooky faces on milk jugs for a great Halloween DIY!

Every Summer I buy about 20 solar light stakes from the Dollar Store. I can not tell you how amazing they are. Solar light stakes can be used for so many DIY projects! To light my ghosts up, I simply stuck the stake into the grass, and let the milk jug rest on top of it!

This is just another reason to drink more milk!

Note: You need to remove the milk jugs while the sun is out to fully charge the solar stakes!

Line your walk way with these ghosts.

Use dollar tree stakes to make these glowing ghosts!

We had such a great time making these that I might even make some with snowflakes for Christmas!

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