Ribbon Chandeliers

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My obsession with these Ribbon Chandeliers is off the charts. I made one, and then rushed to the store to buy more ribbon. They are super simple, and I have used them at 3 different parties in the last month! We have hung them inside and outside. All you need is 3 things to make your own Ribbon Chandeliers.

Ribbon chandeliers are super versatile and make great party decorations. Use any pattern or color of ribbons you like to make a dramatic statement piece.

Ribbon Chandeliers

Ribbon Chandeliers Materials:
Note: this post contains affiliate links

How To Make Ribbon Chandeliers

I chose a variety of ribbons in different widths for this project. Cutting your ribbons is the first step.

Choose bright colors of ribbon to make this ribbon chandelier.

I cut a variety of lengths for the ribbon, between 2-3 feet. I would say the longer you can make your ribbons, the better. You want them to really be able to blow in the wind and give your party a dramatic visual.

A few items are needed for this incredible craft!

Varying your ribbon in both width and length will help your ribbon chandeliers to look organic and boho.

I originally did one layer of ribbon only out the outer wire rim.  However, it wasn’t enough ribbon, and my chandeliers were looking pretty sparse, so I added another layer around one of the inside rims.

I used a small drop of hot glue and just wrapped it around the rim of the wire wreath frame. Rotate colors and lengths, I used no particular order, but just kind of what I thought looked visibly pleasing to the eye.

These are perfect for any party!

To attach the chandeliers to the ceiling, I used command hooks. They stayed up for days until I took them down.

These are the perfect decor for any party!

I used these ribbon chandeliers at a Mexican Fiesta 40th Birthday Party, our Elena of Avalor Party, and an End of Summer party. I will also be keeping these handy come Cinco De Mayo!

These chandeliers really jazzed up the bar area!

You could make ribbon chandeliers in Halloween or Christmas colors. They would also make a cute decoration for a little girl’s room year-round.

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