DIY Sharpie Mug With A Design That Lasts

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You’ve seen them on Pinterest! DIY Sharpie Mugs are all the rage right now. But, how do you get your designs to last? We’ve got the scoop for all of the best tips and tricks to add longevity to your one of a kind creation. Infatuated with polka dots? Even better! This DIY Sharpie Mug serves up an extra large dose of polka dot fun.

Turn your plain, boring coffee mug into something fabulous. If you follow the directions in this post exactly, you will have a DIY Sharpie Mug with a design that lasts!

DIY Sharpie Mug: How To Make Your Design Last

For this project you will need:

Supplies for a DIY Sharpie Mug that actually works!

To begin, apply a liberal amount of rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball or pad and generously wipe down the sides of your mug. Allow adequate time for drying.

Clean your mug with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry completely.

Next, apply your stickers. To get a polka dot pattern, randomly apply your circle stickers all over your mug. Gently press the edges to make sure they are stuck on really good!

Place stickers all over your mug in a random pattern.

Insider’s Tip: Colorful oil based Sharpies are brightly vibrant, and very easy to use. They cost a bit extra than regular Sharpies but they are a key component to making your DIY Sharpie Mug last it’s longest.

To make the design on your DIY Sharpie mug last, you need to use oil-based Sharpies.

Then, give your Sharpie a good shake and apply dots all over the outside of your mug.

Polka Dots everywhere on this cute, DIY Sharpie Mug!

You can add as many or as little dots as you like. Polka dots not your thing? Get creative! Squiggles, spirals, circles, lines, draw whatever your heart desires.

Use your oil-based Sharpie pens to make dots all over your mug!

If you are concerned about the ink being around your mouth, you can take your design ½ to 1 inch from the top of the mug.

Insider’s tip: Go light on the Sharpie around the edge of the stickers. If you add too much ink, it might soak under the edge of the sticker.

Allow some time for your ink to dry and then peel your stickers away from your mug. If you had a little seepage under a sticker, or if you have a mistake you would like to correct, clean it up with a q-tip and a bit of rubbing alcohol.

Peel the stickers off of your mug once the Sharpie dots are completely dry.

Insider’s Tip: Allow your mug adequate time to cure. I gave my mug three days of drying/curing time.

After your sharpie mug has cured, pop it into an oven set at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Turn off your oven and allow your mug to cool off inside. This might cause some fumes, so make sure you are doing this step in a well ventilated area.

Put your DIY Sharpie mug in the oven to set the design. Allow it to cure for three days!

Allow your mug another 3 days of curing time. This time is making sure that those polka dots aren’t ever coming off!

Your DIY Sharpie mug is finished! If you allowed it enough time to cure, and you care for it properly, the design should last for a long time.

After you’ve followed these steps, your mug is ready to be washed and used. When washing, set on the highest rack of your dish washer, or hand-wash. If you are gentle to your mug, the design will last a long time.

DIY Sharpie Mug Step-By-Step Video:


View video instructions here.
Step by step guide to making a DIY Sharpie mug. If you follow the tips and instructions in this post exactly, your design will last for a long time!

These mugs make great gifts when filled with treats!

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  • That is a wonderful tut. Love the way it turns out in the end. Thanks for sharing! That would make a great gift!

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    Wow this is such a fabulous idea and fun craft especially with Easter right around the corner. Plus makes great gifts, thank you for the idea.

  • Brad Mcghee says:

    What a great tutorial! I first visit this site great information shared here.

  • Angie says:

    Can you drink from these? I’ve read tips that advise not drawing near the top where your mouth will go, unless it’s purely decorative.

    • Emily Louise says:

      As I stated in the article above, if you are concerned about the ink being around your mouth, you can leave a 1/2 in to 1 in gap at the top of the mug. Cheers!

  • Lynsey says:

    What a great tutorial! I had to order the sharpies off amazon but maybe they will have oil based ones in my local Michaels store

  • Emily, I’m a polka dot fanatic so I just might make a pair of these! I can picture Easter themed mugs, too.

    • Emily Louise says:

      Yes!! Perfect for Easter! Good thinking! Filled with grass & treats too!!