Thanksgiving Mantle Decorating Ideas

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Holidays are the perfect excuse to go overboard decorating. I’ve been thinking about mantle decorating ideas, because my mantle is often neglected during Thanksgiving.

This season I am loving the color gold, because it is universal, and can be brought in to any type of decor. I had an excessive amount of pumpkins left over from my Halloween decor. I decided to go for the gold, and use them for Thanksgiving decorations. Gold spray paint was my best friend this week, and I went to town on my pumpkins. Here are ideas for super easy fall mantle decor you can do in your home.

Thanksgiving Decorations | Great ideas to bring a touch of thankfulness to your fall decor for Thanksgiving. Love this gratitude picture frame on the mantle, it is a fun project for the whole family.

Thanksgiving Mantle Decorating Ideas

I am super blessed to live in a house that has an awesome old brick wall and mantle. I am so in love with it — it makes decorating extra fun. This year I purchased a variety of pumpkins instead of just the usual circular orange ones. My favorite pumpkins are the mini white and Cinderella varieties.

Spray your pumpkins gold to instantly transform them!

Use a variety of pumpkins to add depth to this display!

Of course I had to use wheat in my mantle display. My mind immediately goes to wheat and pumpkins when I think of Thanksgiving.

We love using wheat and pumpkins to create a natural display in our fall decor!

I like to mix metals, so I added these small industrial looking metal letters to spell out Thanks. I love the shine of the gold pumpkins and the rustic metal together.

Use natural elements to make a fabulous mantle display for Thanksgiving.

I normally do not do a Thanksgiving mantle, but really wanted to create a gathering spot for my kids this year. I preach all year long to be thankful for what we have, so I thought I should create a place where we can come and share what we are thankful for each day.

Use pumpkins and different textures - great Thanksgiving mantle decorating ideas.

My gratitude picture frame was so easy to create. You just need a couple of household items, which I am sure every good crafter has lying around. I used a 18×24 frame, because that is what I had available, and it fit my mantle perfectly. You could always use a 11×14, or any size that fits well in your space.

Grateful Picture Frame - this is a great project to help the whole family focus on thankfulness.

To assemble the frame, I took some twine and sporadically arranged the twine along the back of it. Then I took my trusty hot glue gun, and glued away! I personally like the twine to be arranged mismatched and unorganized, but if you are super Type A, you could line them up, and it would look equally as cute.

Write what you are thankful for on some leaves, and display them using this cute DIY!

I used my trusty cricut to cut the various leaves. The variety of the different colors of paper on the leaves add some dimension and texture to the display. My favorite is the gold glitter paper leaves (of course!). Another cute idea would be to collect leaves from outdoors, and dry them. You could then write on those and hang those as well.

Mantle decorating ideas for fall and thanksgiving.

Each night before bed we have been taking turns writing down something we are thankful for. Some of them are funny, and some are serious. My husband wrote Netflix, which I found hilarious (but he isn’t wrong – we do love to binge watch great tv shows)!

Collect some leaves and start a thankful mantle with this cute DIY!!

I have another fireplace that is white brick. I decided to keep that decor simple and sweet on the ground. I added a few faux pumpkins, and some lanterns to make that area pop.

Use lanterns to bring the outside into your mantle decor.

Sometimes the best things in life are simple. Clean and simple mantle decorations are so beautiful, especially when you can use natural elements. The pumpkins and other fresh decor from nature are the best for creating beautiful fall creations.

Use lanterns and faux pumpkins to create simple and clean decor!

Have you decorated your mantle for Thanksgiving? What inspired you this year?

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