The Ultimate Pirate Party

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I am one of those moms who can not resist a good birthday theme party. My son and daughter were born on April 9th and April 8th, therefore I have one birthday party to plan each year. I do feel a bit sorry that my children will have combined birthdays, but hey sharing is caring right? I’m always on the look out for easy party ideas.

My sons is super in to trains, bugs, and pirates. We did a train party and a bug party already, so this year, a pirate party it was!

A pirate party is great for boys and girls birthday parties. This is the ultimate guide to pirate party ideas. You'll be saying "Arrr!" just reading it.

The Ultimate Pirate Party Ideas

Pirate parties are gender neutral, and really can take on many different creative facets! I told my husband, “This year I am just going to do a small family party.” Well, even when we only invite siblings and cousins, we are already at 30 people, so I just accepted my fate, and went for a full blown Pirate Extravaganza!

Start your pirate party out right by letting everyone pick their pirate name.

Pirate Party Treasure Map

My key to party planning with kids is that I pick the theme about 9 months ahead, and really do everything bit by bit. I am a planner, and last minute things stress me out, so I buy all my decorations and supplies gradually. That way, when the week of the party hits, I just have baking and a few small crafts to deal with. There is a local moms facebook group in my city where women post items they want to sell. I posted that I was in need of beach décor or pirate stuff, and I scored a plastic skeleton, tons of seashells, 6 fishing nets, and eyepatches – for all $10!

Great pirate party decorations for the food table.

The pirate ship cupcake holders, fancy pirate banners, and napkins I bought of zuilily.com and was made by MeriMeri. I love their stuff, and if you check frequently you can often get it for 60% off! The little child’s drink containers were also acquired from zuilily.

Pirate Cupcakes

Hot dogs are perfect for a pirate party! The kids love them, and they are easily transformed into pirate ships to add to your theme.

Pirate party tablescape.

Our kids “table” was actually pallets stacked on top of each other. We had a number of toddlers, so keeping them close to the ground was much easier than dealing with tall chairs. I also think the pallets create a rustic ship look, so really it was a win-win in my book!

Use old pallets to create a kids table! It gives the perfect rustic look for a pirate party. It is also nice for small children to have a table that is close to the ground.

Pirate Party Tablescape

You can’t have a pirate party without a pirate ship!

Homemade pirate ship - perfect for a kid's birthday pirate party.

Our “ Lost Boys Hideout” and cardboard box ship were DIY projects. The hideout is made of leftover pallets, and the ship was created with old Amazon boxes and contact paper from Dollar Tree! Together they cost about $10!

Bring a touch of Neverland to your next pirate party with a Lost Boy's Hideout. This is a simple DIY project you can make with old pallets.

I am a huge believer of controlled chaos for kid’s birthday parties. The best way to achieve this is to provide activities for the kids, rather than just allowing them to run amuck, and ruin the house you just finished cleaning for company! We had paint your treasure chest, dig for treasure, a candy bar, piñata, and face painting/balloon twisting.

Paint Your Own Treasure Chest - great activity for a kid's pirate party!

Pirate Party activity ideas: paint your own treasure chest!

A candy bar is the perfect pirate party idea! Great for filling up small treasure chests as thank you gifts for the guests.

Pirate party treasure hunt guide.

The kids were all so pleased, and so well behaved!

Kids having fun at the pirate party!

The party was a huge success, and and I loved it when was my son said, “ Mom I just had the most awesome day!” The best part is, if you plan your pirate party décor carefully, you can reuse a lot of the pirate stuff… think Dr. Suess, Circus Party, Luau, or Halloween! I already have more party ideas swirling around in my mind!

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