DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow & Tooth Fairy Printables

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There is nothing more special than losing your first tooth! The excitement and buildup of wiggling the tooth for weeks only makes the occasion more memorable. However, sometimes a tooth loss can come unexpectedly, and parents are left trying to scramble for the Official Tooth Fairy visit. To commemorate the occasion and make it as special as possible, it is such a fun idea to have a Tooth Fairy Pillow and cute Tooth Fairy Printables.

This cute DIY pillow project will help you be prepared, and is something you can craft with your kids! I also love the Tooth Fairy Printables – they will have you prepared for any wiggly tooth, and your kids will squeal with delight when they get a special note from the Tooth Fairy!

Make the Tooth Fairy visit special with this cute DIY Tooth Fairy pillow and super cute Tooth Fairy printables - including a letter from the fairy, tooth receipt, and even an official Tooth Fairy Check for those nights when parents weren't prepared for a lost tooth.

DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow

Materials Needed:

  • Scissors
  • White Felt
  • Black Felt
  • Pink Felt
  • Embroidery thread in black and pink
  • Sewing needles and thread
  • Batting or Stuffing
  • Sewing Machine (optional, but it will make the pillow a tad sturdier)

Tooth Fairy Pillow


This Tooth Fairy pillow is quite easy! The first step is to trace the shape of a tooth on to the white felt. You will then cut this shape out twice. Once for the front where you will add a face pattern and once for the back where you will sew on a little heart pocket for the tooth.

The face shape is simple. I made mine with black eyes, rosy cheeks, and a smile of course!

Stitch a happy smile on the front of your Tooth Fairy pillow.

To make patterns for the eyes and the cheeks I used a few household items! A small pill bottle was used to trace the outline on the pink felt for the cheeks. I used a quarter to make the black felt eyes.

A great trick of the trade!


Before sewing and assembling the entire pillow I free hand stitched a mouth.


All of the details were stitched on loosely and by using free hand embroidery thread. It gave the pillow a great “unfinished” look, that made it more childlike and elementary. I think it added perfectly to the enchantment that is the Tooth Fairy!tooth-back-inside

After you have sewn on the face, you can begin to work on the little heart pocket that will hold the lost tooth. To make my hearts I simply freehand drew them on the felt and cut them out. Again, it does not have to be perfect!

I used two colors of pink to give the pocket more depth.

Create an adorable felt Tooth Fairy PilloW!

Lay your felt hearts out where you like them on the backside of the pillow (I chose the direct center), and then freehand stitch around them using embroidery thread – remember to leave a spot open at the top to create your pocket.


Now that you have all your little details attached you are ready to sew the two main pieces together! I used a sewing machine to make the stitches closer and make the pillow a little more durable, however you could easily sew this by hand.

Flip the two pieces so that the face piece and the heart are touching each other. All the detail should be on the inside, you will stitch around the outside, and then turn it inside out.

The final step is the stuffing!

Finally, stuff the cute little pillow you have just created!  After you have filled it with your desired amount of stuffing sew up the inside seam. Your pillow is complete!

Tooth Fairy Printables

No Tooth Fairy visit would be complete without money! If you are like me, you don’t carry around much cash. So when your child loses a tooth unexpectedly, you are probably unprepared to slip some coins or a dollar under their pillow!

Don’t worry, these adorable Tooth Fairy Checks are here to save the day! They are issued directly from the Tooth Fairy and can be traded in for real money later down the line!

Don't worry if you are short on cash - the Tooth Fairy is happy to leave a check!

Make sure the Tooth Fairy leaves a receipt for the tooth they took, that is how you know the transaction is official! The Tooth Fairy can let the kids know what condition the teeth are in, and leave them a nice little reminder to keep brushing and flossing!

Tooth Fairy Tooth Receipt

If this is the first visit from the Tooth Fairy, the she will leave a certificate to commemorate the loss of their first tooth! Such a momentous occasional should indeed be celebrated. And we even have a cute letter from the Tooth Fairy, introducing herself! Our Tooth Fairy printables set has everything you need for a magical visit.

Get Your FREE Tooth Fairy Printables Here!

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First Tooth Certificate

You are now ready for the Tooth Fairy to visit!

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