Trash Bag Spider Webs

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I love to decorate my porch for Halloween. My kids love it, as well — the spookier the better. We have a long walkway to get to our front door, so I am always trying do something fun and dramatic. Here is where trash bags enter the picture. They are actually a fantastic thing to use for Halloween decor! Using a simple pair of scissors, you can transform them into fabulous spider webs! Trash Bag Spider Webs are a fun and simple way to add major Halloween flare to your house!

You can use trash bags to make amazing Halloween decor! Trash bag spider webs are a fun and easy project. Cover your porch in spooky spider webs with this easy tutorial (step by step instructions and video tutorial).

Trash Bag Spider Webs

When I first decided to make trash bag spider webs, I knew I should invest in heavy duty trash bags. A thick bag is beneficial, because it cuts easier and will also hold up better when you hang them. I ended up buying two sizes of bags to vary the size of my spider webs. I used 30 gallon and 40 gallon trash bags, but you could use bigger or smaller depending on the look you want.

You can use trash bags to make amazing Halloween decor! Trash bag spider webs are a fun and easy project. Cover your porch in spooky spider webs with this easy tutorial (step by step instructions and video tutorial).

Step 1: Cut the edges off all four sides of the trash bag. They do not need to be cut perfectly — you are cutting the edges to separate the bags seams.

Step 2: Fold one corner of the bag over to the corner on the other side so it forms a big triangle. You will have an extra portion that is not a part of the triangle shape.  Cut it off. You should now have a perfect triangle.

Step 3: Fold your triangle in half. Fold it in half again.

Step 4: Take the middle piece with the folded edge and fold it towards the center of the long straight edge. Now you are ready to cut!

If you feel a little lost, don’t worry! We made a video so you can see all of the folds.

Trash Bag Spiderwebs Video Tutorial



Step 5: Beginning at the tip of the folded section you will cut up and out towards the sides. Think of cutting a spine like shape. The bag will begin to look like a rib cage after a few cuts. Move up about an inch and cut a rectangle out to continue the pattern.

This is what your trash bag will look like when you are finished cutting it. When you unfold, it will be an amazing spider web!

Step 6: Once you get to the end of the bag you can cut the extra fray off the top, and then unfold your shape! There should be a perfect spider web ready for hanging!

This spooky spider web is made from a trash bag!

I used command hooks to secure my trash bag spider webs and added some extra plastic spiders for fun!


My spiderwebs and command hooks lasted through a rainstorm, so these things are pretty sturdy!

Create an awesome display for Halloween using trash bags!


You could you trash bag spider webs inside, as well. This project is so easy and inexpensive, you can make as many spooky spider webs as you want!

You can use trash bags to make amazing Halloween decor! Trash bag spider webs are a fun and easy project. Cover your porch in spooky spider webs with this easy tutorial (step by step instructions and video tutorial).

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    ignore her and she’ll go away. Now let’s move on to the positive aspects about this post. What a fun project that is low cost, reusable and weather proof.

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    Thank you for this amazing DIY post Leah Leatherby! You’re awesome!

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    Love the project. I think I’ll do it in the doorway of my classroom. Where did you find the right size of spiders?

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    This is awesome! You did a wonderful job.
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    I love this idea! I’m so envious of the creativity that some people have. It just amazes me. Thanks for sharing this, it’s great!

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    I agree with chelsea ..fantastic idea thankyou for the insperation ..I dont normaly do halloween ..but I have made these for people who love to get involved

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