DIY Vintage Triangle Necklace

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Recently I’ve been addicted to the triangle form. I saw the triangle connector on the bead supply site. I immediately knew I would love it and make beautiful stuff with it! Today I’m going to teach you how to make a lovely Vintage Triangle Necklace.

Easy DIY Jewelry Tutorial | Vintage Triangle Necklace

DIY Vintage Triangle Necklace

Here is what you need for this necklace:

  • Triangle connector- the most important piece
  • Bicone beads
  • Teardrop beads
  • Red beads
  • Eye pins
  • Jump rings

DIY Vintage Triangle Necklace Supplies

Step 1. Put the eye pin through a bicone bead and bend the other side with round nose pliers.

Put the eye pin through a bicone bead.

Connect 54 bicone beads.

Make 54 pieces and connect them end to end so you have a bead chain.

Connect 54 bicone beads to make a chain for your triangle detail piece.

Step 2. Connect the triangle to the bead chain with your jump rings.

Connect your triangle to the bead chain.

Step 3. Put an eye pin through the red bead and bend the other end.

Connect your red and black beads.


Hang on one teardrop bead with jump ring. Make 2 pieces in total. Attach them to the triangle with jump rings.

Connect your red and black beads to the triangle piece.

And the cool triangle necklace is finished and ready to wear!

Easy tutorial for a vintage-inspired triangle bead necklace | DIY Jewelry

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