How To Make A No-Sew, No Wood Wall Growth Chart

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Are you stumped on gift-giving ideas this year? Well, we’re excited to have Mandy from The Fabulous Baby Striblings here this week to help you out! She’s sharing three easy craft project tutorials with all of you that make perfect gift ideas – or great decor items for your own home!  We’re kicking things off with a FABU wall growth chart that requires no sewing (yay!) and no wood (woohoo!).

Why would I do a do-it-yourself wall growth chart and not just buy one? Because I just never found one that I loved. My children’s nursery has a French theme to it. And all the growth charts I found were too cartoony, too cutesy, too polka-dotty, and just too baby/kid looking. Also, I wanted something that they could roll up and take with then wherever they went and could keep it forever. So, I decided I wanted to do my own. I have searched the internet high and low for tutorials. I honestly just kind of winged it. I figured I could Mod Podge about everything. So, this is my no sewing, no wood wall growth chart.

No Sew Growth Chart

Supplies you’ll need

  • Scrapbook pages
  • Printer
  • Some computer know-how
  • Material (I used some clearance Waverly outdoor fabric, I figured it was a little thicker, and hey – on sale!)
  • Scrapbook numbers
  • Scissors (or an exacto knife, which I don’t have)
  • A wire hanger
  • Mod Podge (one container per growth chart)

No Sew Growth Chart

Select graphics or photos

I designed these myself. I found some free graphics on the computer. For Josh’s I used vintage sports graphics. For Jules, I made hers more “French” and did graphics of birds, a chandelier, and the Eiffel tower of course! My favorite is the crowns. I adore crowns! I changed the color of some in Photoshop. I also wanted to do a silhouette of them. I did this also in Photoshop, which was pretty easy if you know your way around. Or, you can just do a picture of your children. I set everything up in Microsoft Word on 8.5 x 12 pages. It took 5 pages. I went above 5 feet, but you can make it shorter if you would like.

No Sew Growth Chart

Print graphics or photos

I bought 12 x 12 scrapbook paper at Michaels and cut it to 8.5 x 12. Then I printed out my designs on them. (I would recommend practicing on some scrap pages before printing out the final product, just to make sure your layout is correct) Again, I used 5 pages.

Cut your material

I recommend buying 5 feet of material for the back of your growth chart. I did not, so I had to glue fabric together about half way down. Cut your material to about 9-10″ across and as long as it will go (you need to cut over the 8.5″ width, because you need some room on each side – it will make sense later).

No Sew Growth Chart

Start Mod Podging

I used a whole bottle of Mod Podge for each growth chart. Put Mod Podge on the back of each scrapbook page and CAREFULLY align them up long-way (here is where I wished I had 5 ft of material). About halfway down I had to also align the fabric design up and glue that too. Again, it ended up being fine, but it would have been easier if I didn’t have to do this step. Also here is where you would stick up the numbers to it as well.

*important – leave an inch or two of material above your top page to allow room for your hanging rod.

*important – please make sure there are no air bubbles as well – that can create headaches later!

No Sew Growth Chart

Make sure the pages are lined up exactly using your Mod Podge (they should stick and stay put!).

No Sew Growth Chart

Line up the page on the fabric. Note the extra fabric up top and to each side, although I could have used more space on the sides.

No Sew Growth Chart

Mod Podge like crazy.

I would Mod Podge the front, let it dry, then turn it over and Mod Podge the back. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

No Sew Growth Chart

Prep the hanger

Take the cardboard out of your wire hanger. Using Mod Podge, apply it to the underside of the fabric along the top of your growth chart. Carefully roll your cardboard tube up.

No Sew Growth Chart

Drying. Note the cardboard tube on the upper side

More Mod Podge until it’s gone. Then hang and let dry and set.

No Sew Growth Chart

Trim the edges

Trim the edges using an exacto knife or scissors.

No Sew Growth Chart

No Sew Growth Chart

Cut the edge of the cardboard tube so it is even with the fabric.

No Sew Growth Chart

Attach a ribbon

Loop a ribbon through the cardboard tube and hang!

No Sew Growth Chart

I am so proud of My Do-It-Yourself Growth Charts!! And FYI – The bottom is a French proverb:  “Les petits ruisseaux font les grandes rivières” which is translated to mean, “Tall oaks from little acorns grow” – perfect for a growth chart, no??

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