3 Quick Don’ts When You Email Your List

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Way back in like 2003 when I was running my first ecommerce business, I did everything I could to avoid letting my customers know I was working from home with babies crawling under my desk.

I scheduled calls with schools for naptime (I was selling German language books). I pleaded with my kids to be quiet if a customer called. And I did my best to put on a professional front.

Talk about stress.

I still do my best to be professional but I no longer worry about making it look like I’m something that I’m not (i.e. a work from home mom who’s got priorities beyond strict deadlines).

And this takes a whole lot of stress off!

One of the things I see bloggers doing in their emails is trying to be too formal and worrying about portraying a highly polished image.

For most of us, our readers want to know we’re real humans and that we have good days and bad. Our vulnerability and honesty is what draws them to us!

So don’t stress over trying to make things perfect.

Make your email newsletters better by avoiding these three things!

Here are 3 quick don’ts that will make emails easier (and more personal!)

1. Don’t use title case in your subject lines (“How to Write an Email”).

People don’t write to their friends this way and it looks unnatural. Feel free to leave out the punctuation, too.

Or even go all lowercase like this: “what do you think of this?”

2. Don’t be too formal

I’m not saying you shouldn’t proof read your emails but don’t let it take all day. 🙂 Take off your editor hat and just write.

And don’t hesitate to use contractions, slang, and incomplete sentences (gasp!)

3. Don’t apologize for emailing!

Never apologize! (exceptions of course for when you make a mistake). Be confident when you email.

If you’re not, readers will smell it a mile off and they’ll miss out on what you have to share.

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  • I think this is a really great idea!

  • dania says:

    i agree with this idea thank you for sharing

  • Caitlyn says:

    I think this is a really great idea! It really does make a big difference when you decide to not be super formal! Makes it easier for you to connect with the other person as human beings!

  • Dana says:

    I totally agree! It makes you way more personable if you act like you are just talking to your friend on your email list – and much more likeable!

  • George C says:

    Oh my god! This rings so well with something else I read a while ago. Except it was to do with articles themselves, basically it said…. “you should have a friendly and welcoming tone in your articles and not act too distant and strict in your writing since nobody is obligated to read anything you put up in the first place, so it’s important to GIVE them a reason to want to if you’re looking for more than just one-time traffic”

    I might have butchered the wording haha but yeah seeing the recurring “Don’t be too formal” message reminded me of that. Anyways awesome article! Keep it up! 🙂