How To Rock A Holiday Outfit

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Have you enjoyed our series with Natalia on looking your holiday best? In case you missed them, she showed us all how to have bold lips and get a great holiday hairstyle (complete with uber-cute videos!) And today, Natalia’s got plenty of fabulous holiday outfits to share. New Year’s Eve is just around the corner!

I don’t know about you all, but with all the holiday parties during this time of year, I think my favorite part is all the fun dressing up we get to do! I have two little boys and most of what I where is practical while trying to be cute. When I get a night out without the kiddos, practicality isn’t high on the priority list! Here are some of my suggestions for holiday dress. Hopefully, one of the categories will be something that fits your style and taste!

Casual but cute.

Maybe you are having or attending a party that is a little more low-key. You want to look nice, but not over-dressed. By wearing some colored pants/jeans you can really step it up!

Holiday Outfits

Sleek and classy.

This might be for a work party where you want to look nice and appropriate. Pair it with a sleek ponytail, high bun, or sexy chignon to complete the look.

Holiday Outfits

Fancy Schmancy.

You just want to go all out. Or maybe you’re that cool and you have fancy smanchy parties to attend all the time. I don’t have too many excuses to bust out my smanchy clothes, but hey, a girl could dream, right? (I crashed an Oscars party once, does that count?)

Holiday Outfits

Sultry and sexy.

This one might be for you single ladies at a holiday party, or for a fun night on the town. I just want to be clear here, sexy does not have to translate to trashy! We don’t want all the goods out for everyone to see!

Now that we have a few styles to choose from, how about some tips for looking your best during the holidays!

Water & Exercise!

Don’t hate me yet… We all know there will be desserts galore during the season and as much as we would like to say we aren’t going to indulge every time we see our favorite sweets, we probably will. (Am I just speaking for myself? Seriously, no will power over here…) We can try to combat this with water and exercise.

Plan ahead.

Have you ever had a perfect outfit in your head? So perfect you can just imagine how good you will be looking, how many heads will be turning, you don’t even need to try it on. Then when it comes time for the big event, you throw on said outfit and come to find it isn’t as fantastic as you dreamed it up to be? Quick fix, ladies! Try on some outfits ahead, shoes to jewelry, and make sure it is what you are looking for. This will cut your getting ready time by a lot.

Confidence, confidence, confidence.

I said this before, I know. But it is just such a big point, I couldn’t resist saying it again! Find what works for you in your own style, don’t try to be someone else, and then rock it, own it, work it, act like you know how to walk in those 5 inch heels and guess what? Everyone will think you do! It’s a magical thing, this confidence. I think once you try it on and see how it looks; hopefully you’ll never take it off! (And trust me, woman to woman, it looks good on you!)

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