Look Good for Spring: How To Dress For Your Body Type

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If the merchandise I’ve been seeing in the stores and online for Spring is any indication, then one of the fashion trends for this Spring is FULL SKIRTS.  I love a full skirt, but have found that they are surprisingly hard to wear unless you are wearing a skirt that works for your body type. The last thing any of us wants to do is look bulky as a result of a poor choice for our body type when what we are going for is feminine and flirty!

So, in order for you to look good and chose a full skirt that works best for your body type this Spring, I’ve put together a few tips that should get your skirt shopping headed in the right direction.

Get prepared for spring by learning how to dress for your body type | Style

If you have full hips and thighs, then you want a skirt that sits at the natural waistline. Why? To draw attention to your great waist!  Buying fabrics with darker tones camouflages curves.  Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of buying a skirt that does not lay flat against the hips. Extra fabric there will just draw attention to your curves. The full, flirty part of the skirt should be gradual and near the hem, not the waist.

If you are petite: Look good and go short. Not too short. Just a few inches above the knee will do the trick. Also, skirts with a cut that sits higher on the waist rather than at the hips will make your legs look longer, too.

If you are packing a little extra on your stomach: Buy a skirt with a printed or textured fabric. {Spring is the perfect season to find a skirt with a flirty print!} A fabric that is not monochromatic will help disguise that little “extra” you don’t want to draw attention to. Flat fronted skirts also hide a stomach that’s not exactly flat.

If you  are like me and have thick calves, I’m told that the perfect length to buy is one that is knee-length. Make sure the silhouette has volume to make your calves look thinner. The key here is to get a skirt with details that direct the eye up and away from those calves, so steer clear of skirts with detailed hems.

If you have a body  without flaws, well then, you’re lucky and you should go out any buy whatever full skirt is calling your name. For those of us that have a few flaws, however, I’d suggest sticking with a full skirt for spring that flatters your body type. It’s a fine line, my friends. A fine line.

Have you bought a new skirt for Spring? What are you doing to look good this season?

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  • Alissa says:

    I see now what type of skirts ,but what about the shirts to go with the skirts? That is where the issue lies…..

  • Samantha B says:

    Love this fellow SITS gal!

  • Dianna says:

    SQUEAL …. how do I LOVE Banana Republic! Just not the prices, so much.

    And, if you have thick calves, then I have blonde hair. 🙂

  • Lady Jennie says:

    I did buy full skirts for this season, but I have a waist to hide and these are solid colors. They do have layers though so I think that helps. But the biggest worry is the very wide elastic waist that is actually not very tight. It looks okay in general, but I don’t really know what top to wear with it …

  • mangiabella says:

    fab tips 🙂

  • Good info. It’s been AGES since I bought anything but jeans, so I’ve been thinking about buying a new skirt or a dress for Easter. I love that there are going to be some cute, flirty skirts out there to try out.

  • Anne Galivan says:

    I agree about that fine line. Most people don’t seem to really know how to dress. I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to give someone (like a complete stranger) make-up or fashion tips but I know it will be taken the wrong way…it’s just that for some people if they would just do a little thing here or there it could make a huge difference. My daughter (age 26) can tell you I have an innate gift for things like that (for instance I have always cut my kids hair even though I have no training).

    And the thing is, we all talk about not judging people from outward appearance…but everyone does. And if you are trying to put forth a professional appearance, it’s important. Even for me, as a SAHM home-schooling mom (for over 20 years now) – I want to give off a “professional” appearance even if I’m wearing jeans (which I usually am).

    As far as the skirts, when you’re overweight, which I have been plenty of times in my life, it’s hard to pull off a skirt. If you must (or want to) wear a skirt, and you are carrying some extra weight, go for a straight skirt and wear a suit jacket that covers the midsection. I have seen some women who had weight problems (and that is a very hard thing to battle!) who can pull off skirts and skirt suits but they usually have to invest a good deal of money in order for everything to fit properly.

    I finally got my weight back under control last year (after having a baby at the age of 40 in 2002!) by using “The Diet Doc’s Guide to Permanent Weight Loss.” I would encourage anyone with a weight problem to invest the $10 in the book and give it a try. I am now back in a size 6/8 for the first time in 20 years and it is WONDERFUL. I was able to wear a corduroy skirt with tights and boots this winter and it looked (and felt) fantastic. By the way, since starting to wear low-cut jeans (which work well for my body type) I can’t stand to wear anything that comes all the way to my waist, except maybe a dressy skirt. And I love some of the skirts shown above BUT women need to be aware that the only women who can wear all types of skirts are models. And I personally don’t know any women who fit that category. So don’t try to wear something because it looks good on the mannequin or on the rack. Make sure it looks good – no, EXQUISITE – on you!

    One reason I like to look good is because if I feel confident in how I look then I worry less about myself and can focus on others. I’m almost 50 but I attend college one night a week and I can engage my students (who are young enough to be my own children!) because I am not self-conscious about my looks (mostly!) I encourage any woman who doesn’t feel good in her clothes because of her weight to make the commitment to lose weight not to impress anyone but to feel good about yourself AND especially, for your health.

    Long comment but I love this topic so…

  • Marie Cole says:

    Good tips to know. 🙂

  • Boomer says:

    Great info! Thanks a lot!

  • Kayla says:

    I’m definitely full thigh and hips! Oh, and big butt 😀 But, I love my big butt and I’m not in the least bit ashamed of it, so we’re good on that front (or should I say back? LOL)!

    Thanks for these tips!

  • Karoline says:

    Girls generally love skirts and would want to wear any type they fancy but it’s good to know the types that suit you!

  • So excited to get into my spring skirts!!!

  • Myne Whitman says:

    Nice tips, can’t wait for summer to bring out the skirts.

  • Jackie says:

    I love skirts! I’ve noticed that as I get older they look much better on me than shorts or capri’s do!! And they options are virtually endless when it comes to how you wear them & what you wear with it.

  • Karen Kaye says:

    What if you’re petite, have a belly *and* thick thighs? I’ve got it… PANTS! PMPL! Seriously, I haven’t worn a skirt in years because of this.

  • S Club Mama says:

    Oh crap, what do you do if you’re 3/4 of those body types??

  • Katherine says:

    I love full skirts! Yeah for fashion that I can actually wear!

  • Melissa says:

    I love the look of full skirts and always feel I can’t pull them off because of my body type. Thanks for this I’m going to try some on!

  • Kelli says:

    Thanks for posting this! It alleviates confusion and pain caused by shopping for skirts.

  • Amy says:

    Agreed that “body without flaws” is awkward phrasing, but think we would be annoyed by normal or regular, too. Also awkward, but maybe: body without the aforementioned problem areas? Also? cute skirts!

  • Great tips! When I learned to dress for my body type, people thought I had lost weight! I got lots of compliments!

  • Kelly says:

    Great advice 🙂 And pretty skirts… off to check them out….

  • Emily says:

    This was really helpful! It’s nice to know what to look for as far as shape and length goes. I wouldn’t say that any of the different body features are “flaws,” though. It’s what makes each of our bodies unique!

  • Nicole says:

    Great tips. I love skirts and this will give me a better idea what to pull from the racks instead of pulling off 20 skirts and then only 1 works!

  • Meg O. says:

    Great tips! Thanks for this post! I love full skirts!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Full skirts can be tricky but they are so perfect for spring and summer fun!

  • Meagan says:

    Thanks for the tips. I’m with LaVonne- body without flaws- if only!

  • LaVonne says:

    If you have a body without flaws? yuck! 😛