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Berry Beet Smoothie

One of the best decisions I made coming into the new year was working smoothies into my day. (I got a new blender for Christmas…so I have to put it to good use!)

Along those lines, I’ve wanted to work beets into my diet. Here’s the thing about beets: they boost stamina, lower blood pressure, and fight inflammation. Beets are also high in fiber and nutrients, and they help detoxify the body. We all need to add more beets into our diets, and I’m doing just that with this delicious berry beet smoothie!

Berry Beet Smoothie

What you want to remember with beets is they have a very earthy taste, so you want to mix in some sweet to cut that. While I used blueberries, you could also use apples, strawberries, or blackberries.

SO…let’s make a beet smoothie!

Here’s what you need:

Place all of your ingredients in the blender and blend well.

And ENJOY your beets!