Strawberry Lemonade Checkerboard Cake

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A strawberry lemonade cake is delicious enough to impress all on its own, but the checkerboard design inside gives it even more of a wow factor. You can also use the same techniques with any combination of flavors, meaning checkerboard cakes might be your new go-to design!

Pink and yellow cake with the words strawberry lemonade checkerboard cake.

Strawberry Lemonade Checkerboard Cake

While you can definitely make your cake from scratch, I kept things easy and used boxed cake mix from the grocery store. I couldn’t find pre-made lemon frosting, so I added a little yellow food color and lemon extract to pre-made vanilla frosting.

Pink and yellow cake on a teal plate.

To make a strawberry lemonade checkerboard cake, you’ll need:

Checkerboard Cake Video Tutorial

Strawberry Lemonade Checkerboard Cake Video Tutorial

How To Make A Checkerboard Cake

Prepare your cake mix (or favorite recipe) according to the instructions and add one cup of batter to your greased cake pans. I have three 6” round cake pans, but you can bake in additional batches if needed. One standard box of cake mix will prepare more batter than necessary, so have a cupcake tin handy for the extra! You’ll want to bake three strawberry layers and three lemon layers.

Cake rings and a circle cookie cutter on a table.

Once your cakes have cooled, it’s time to assemble your checkerboard. Use the 1” and 4” cookie cutters to create your cake center and outer rings. 

Yellow cake with a ring cutting a circle in the middle.

To make sure everything lines up, stack the previously cut cake on top of the layer you are about to cut and line up the placement of your cookie cutter.

Assemble your cake layers with alternating pink and yellow cake, creating a bullseye design.

Layered cake with lemonade and strawberry cake layers alternating and pink and yellow icing alternating.

Stack your layers, alternating which color is on the outer ring of cake. I alternated strawberry and lemon frosting between layers as well, but it’s totally fine to use the same frosting flavor for each layer.

Layered cake with a crumb coat of frosting.

Once you’ve stacked all six layers of cake, apply a crumb coat of frosting and chill for at least 20 minutes in the refrigerator.

Once your cake is chilled, it’s ready to frost. I used both strawberry and lemon frosting on the outside of the cake, but it’s also fine to use one flavor of frosting here as well.

Strawberry Lemonade Checkerboard Cake.

Once you’ve finished frosting the cake, return it to the refrigerator. Keep the cake chilled until you’re ready to serve will help maintain the structure of the layers.

Checkerboard cake with strawberry and lemonade flavors in pink and yellow.

The only step left is wowing your guests when they see the inside of your strawberry lemonade checkerboard cake!

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