Crafts 4 Kids: Delicious Disguises With Chocolate

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Everyone has the need for a Chocolate Mustache! You don’t think so? I’m sure you do!

crafts for kids

It’s such an easy disguise too! With just a few simple ingredients, you too can be incognito and sporting your very own chocolate mustache.

crafts for kids

Melted chocolate, a large zip top bag, and a long lollipop stick… nothing could be easier!

crafts for kids

Even better, break out of the mustache mold and try something a little out of the ordinary! I traced a pair of horn rims and went all out with the white chocolate. Next time, I want to try a swirled tortoise shell design…

crafts for kids

What is it about a mustache that makes you just a little bit more manly, macho, and mysterious?

crafts 4 kids

And, these chocolate mustaches are so tasty too!

crafts 4 kids

Even better, you can have a dual disguise! Look at that manly fashionista!

activities for children

Surprise your friends! Fool your enemies! Make your own crafts 4 kids!

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